For all of those fans that are confused


It has been a while since I have posted on here mainly because I have been too busy to even think.  Another reason is that I have tried to look at this team for what it is and what is bright for our future and get blasted by 90% of the posters for even doubting a playoff run.  This team is doing exactly what I thought they would do.  I predicted they would be 2-5 at the seven game mark and they are.  They will likely go 6-10 or 7-9.  With all of the injuries, holes on defense and offensive line, and lack of playmaking at the QB position I couldn’t see Denver doing anything else, but pick up where they left off from last season.  I got blasted by the super bowl or bust Kyle Orton for MVP crowd for dare saying anything negative about a QB that we got as leftovers in the Cutler trade.   


For the record I am not disappointed because I understand that all the pieces aren’t in place and that the Denver Broncos have had a major rebuilding under way with 80% of the roster turned over from 2008.  This year was a wash year, and we should be looking for improvements with our young players and hopefully the beginning of the Tim Tebow era. 


If you are disappointed or shocked than you probably still believe that Kyle Orton is the best QB in the league or just behind Manning and Brady.  You probably think that our defense wasn’t old and undersized to play the 3-4.  You probably blasted me on many of my sane and realistic comments.   You are possibly still holding out for a 10-6 season.

So I am going to say it again to hopefully help those Denver fans just like to write "fail", or are too young to know who the Three Amigos were. 

1. Don’t put your faith in Kyle Orton.  He is not a winner.  He is average. 


2. The Broncos are rebuilding on both sides of the ball.  All of the old guys along the front seven still need to be replaced. 


3. Tim Tebow is the future of the franchise.   I said he would start by the tenth game of the season.  If McDaniels wants to be the coach beyond 2010 he better do it. 


4. This Denver season holds no playoffs in its future, and you should look outside of the current starting roster for the team that will get back to the playoffs.  The future has some good things in it.  The present has horrible things like the worst loss in Denver Broncos history to a below average Raiders team at Mile High.


Oh yeah and I told you so.

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