Post Worst Loss Ever - Thoughts on now and the future!!!!

I was at Investco field today with great seats 6 rows up in the endzone and thought that I was still sleeping and having THE WORST NIGHTMARE OF MY LIFE.  I fully expected The Broncos to beat The Raiders by about 10 points but from the get go was in SHOCK!!!!!

Here are some thoughts on the game and future!!!!

1.     Denver should have pulled the trigger and traded for Logan Mankins.  Denver's Oline is a weakness and was pushed all over the field today.  If Mankins makes it to Free Agency I think Denver should push hard to sign him.  Think NY Jets's Oline - alot of ProBowl Players.

2.     Denver must draft a CB and Safety.  Nate Jones is tiny.  He got run over today and isn't a great option for Denver in the FUTURE.    Champ must be re-signed , Goodman is older and Jones isn't very good.  Along with Renaldo Hill who isn't very good.

3.     McDaniels should just cut Kyle Orton loose.  This whole lets get the run game going just Doesn't work with a bad run blocking Oline.  I would rather let Orton air it out than watch a pathetic game like today.  And lets only use Tebow after Orton gets his rythem down and the offense as a whole is humming.

4.     I am starting to think that Denver is more than just 1 year away like I had thought.  Watching it play the NY Jets strong and then get BLOWN OUT AT HOME AGAINST THE RAIDERS isn't a good sign.  Just not what good teams do.

5.     I am now starting to doubt that Josh McDaniels knows what he is doing.  Drafting Alfonso Smith over Rey Maualuga.  Trading Jay Cutler away.  Trading Brandon Marshall away.  Trading Peyton Hillis away.

Pat Bowlen should have hired Rex Ryan and we would be playing in The Super Bowl this year!!!


I now think that The Denver Broncos will finish about 7-9.  This might be a little high but if they can't beat the Raiders it is probably true that Denver will split with San Diego and KC so add in 2 more losses and 7-9 is looking more and more likely.


2011 -     Denver finishes 7-9 and has the 9th Pick in the NFL DRAFT

Free Agents signed


Logan Mankins = signing Mankins to play next to Ryan Clady would solidify our Oline and provide a Big push for the Run Game.

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