No Bull Review: The Downward Spiral

I agree with the sentiment of the staff in their reviews so far...this was just THE most awful game I've seen my team play since some horrible Superbowl games.  Definitely the worst regular season game.  I call it as I see it and I'm an optimistic kinda guy.  That being said, I really do think this team is in the process of breaking.  We aren't broken yet, but there are massive splinters showing....let's dig into the meat of my take on our team.


  • Orton doesn't have it.  I've been beating my chest so far this year about how surprising he has been, but this game has taken me back to the place I was at the end of last season.  Orton doesn't have "It".  He can make all the throws, he can read defenses, he can execute plays, but he lacks killer instinct and the backbone to go out and say, "That's it...we are driving this ball down the field an scoring".  It isn't fair to compare him to Elway, so I'm going to use an other more mortal QB for example:  Jake Plummer had the killer instinct that Orton lacks.  He doesn't have that right type of leadership either...he does have a kind of leadership, but he doesn't raise his teammates game on the field.
  • Another thing about Kyle...he's getting comfortable making bad decisions...go back and read my reviews, I've called him out more than once this year about it...locking onto Lloyd before, locking on his 1st read.  His first play today was another poor decision.
  • I don't know what happened to the run game, but I honestly think you have to throw that out the window in a lop sided game like this...running the ball can't bring you back when you are down by 31+
  • The O-line stunk it up in all phases of the game (well, what part of the team didn't?)
  • Knowshon Moreno is a keeper.  He looks like he's getting healthy and again, he shows me that he gives it all when he's out there...the kid does have "It" from what I've seen and we should be trying to take more advantage of it.  The kid is a keeper to me.


  • This side of the ball is not deep and it is showing...our defense is severely missing the starters.  The injuries on that side of the ball are all devestating to what we can do
  • Nate Jones is a hack job DB.  I'm not even closed to being impressed with his play.  He should be selling cell phones in a mall from what I saw today.
  • Vauhgn, Cox, and Squid are all rookies.  We all want them to be something more, but they are not.  I still think at LEAST two of these guys are going to be the future of our DBs, but rookies are rookies.


  • This team was not ready to play this game...every coach in the building isn't doing enough for our team and it is a huge disappointment.

I don't have anything else redeeming or worthwhile to say...I have venom in me right now. 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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