Don't Worry, I Found The Funny

Okay, it's somewhere in this article. It probably isn't that funny, but The Funny doesn't actually need to be. What a relief.

Okay so let me first see if I can understand this reality:

(1) The Broncos got blown out today. At home. Against their rivals. Who, apparently, we all hate.

(2) Oh, but what good news can we find out? Maybe there's somebody suffering as much as us. Maybe even more than us! How great would that be? Did the Chargers lose? Did they also suffer humiliating defeat?

Oh they lost, but it wasn't humiliating. Imagine what it would have felt like today if we had beat the Raiders. And the Chargers and the Chiefs were humiliated. Because, without a doubt, out of all the hundreds of thousands of fans for these sides, none of them are respectable people like myself. None of them are fun fans who enjoy the game, who hurt like I do when their team loses something important. None of them ever get to experience some of the joy I know full well and feel with a great defeat, and of course never should they get to experience this also.

Oh and when they win? When they beat us of all people? God what misery!!! Oh my god waste of an entire Sunday. Tomorrow is going to feel horrible. Probably even the entire week.

There's probably some kid who lost his family and is starving in some country somewhere. Well, at least I have context now, at least I know I should be thankful for all the deeper aspects of life. I've always got that level of suffering to bring this into context? Right? But damn you Broncos! The Raiders??! This was pathetic, there are no words that can express how angry I am right now. Josh McDaniels, Wink Martindale, Champ Bailey, blah blah blah blah blahblahblahbalbhalhblabhlabhlahbalbhal. Angry Angry Angry.

Oh right. Context. Starving kid in India. Or was it Africa? Yeah that's pretty terrible. But Josh Freaking McDaniels! Does this team have any heart? I want a freaking refund.

(3) What if Garrard had thrown just a couple interceptions against us. What if the Jags had made just a couple mistakes, as all players do, and fumbled or thrown an interception. What if we hadn't made some of those mistakes? In a tight game like that we would have won that game. What if the ball wasn't fumbled at the very end  of the Jets game and Orton had thrown it in for a touchdown? What an incredible win that would have been!!! Right now we are missing Brian Dawkins (all pro), Elvis Dumervil (all pro), Robert Ayers (GREAT player), Andre Goodman (GREAT player), Darcel McBath (seems like a GREAT prospect/player), Perrish Cox....gasp....gasp....does somebody hate us??? What if we had had these players for all these games? What if the Ravens had early on commited some of the mistakes we did, or even the Colts? Do you realize how close we were in those games, how sometimes other teams make mistakes that your team doesn't cause and what an impact that can have on how you did? Imagine WHAT IF? 

(4) Now time to go to a blog site and bash everyone and their mother. Staffers, other commenters, the players, the coaches. NEED TO VENT!!!!


Okay, so I think I'm beginning to understand this reality. You invest a huge part of your emotion into every Sunday, for a team you really care about. It's great fun a lot of the time, and hurts like none other some of the time.

I'm sure an evolutionary psychologist has a perfectly good explanation for the level of attachment we all can have in sports. Something about our social pacts, alliance forming and the security and increased survival rate it brings. Yaddy yadda.

Any attack I lay on someone else here and now will probably be more of a subconscious attack on myself. For example, this woulda-coulda-shoulda game? I do it every game. My thoughts race over and over and over for hours and days after the game, and I think of all the little things that would have changed the course of the game. Because, contrary to what some of you believe, LUCK DOES HAPPEN (not talking about the Raiders game today). I can say that we could be 4-2 right now without making excuses, and without being a kool-aid drinker . Because we could. It's true.

But we aren't.

I'm giving up on this reality that lives in MHR, the Denver Post, and really, what all die hard fans seem to participate in.

I'm letting it go. 

Last week I watched the heartbreaker against the Jets. Within about five minutes after the game, I was cookin with my roommate and laughing about other things. I'm not sure I felt even an ounce of negative feeling about the Broncos game once later that day. Five years ago, I would have locked myself in a room. Today I watched the Broncos Raiders game. I was actually laughing at many points, yet I kept watching for most of the game cause I still like watching the Broncos. I actually had a great day today. My diehard roommate, who's a Packers fan, was celebrating when I got home from seeing my family about the Packers win. I actually was happy for her! Again, wouldn't have been the case five years ago, as I would have just been sulking in my own misery.


So with a currently clear conscience, I will just say to everyone, you actually can really enjoy and love the Broncos and not take it seriously. I know it doesn't seem possible, but you actually can work on not taking this kind of thing so seriously.


So, with that being said I'm just going to conclude with this. I like everybody on here at MHR. I read this site constantly every day. I love all the writers and I love all who comment. Maybe just entertain the thought, just for a second, that the loss to day actually isn't a big deal and maybe have some compassion for everyone else, including the Oakland fans.


Like I said, The Funny doesn't have to be funny. Recognizing it just entails that you feel and notice that horrible discomfort you feel when paradoxically trying to make a BIG deal out of a SMALL thing.

All you have to do is let that big deal become small.

Believe it or not, that's not as hard as it seems.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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