THIS IS NOT MY BRONCOS and I want them BACK....NOW!!

I don't care who is coach, who is QB, who is LB, or punter...
The lack of fire, of even seemingly KNOWING what a Broncos-Raiders rivalry is.... Our guys helping Raiders up off the turf... Moreno bounding around like an IDIOT after cutting the deficit to ONLY 31 points at HALFTIME... No punches (literally AND figuratively), no MF bombs... No HEART... Almost no hope.

I will go to my grave loving this team, but I will not spend ANY more of my hard earned money on this big steaming s#!* sandwich.

Give us our Broncos back!

 I am embarrassed, but now that the immediate migraine has worn off, I am finding myself not as shocked as maybe I should be.

Is this what it has gotten to?  This goes beyond Shanahan or McDaniels,  Cutler or Orton... FAR BEYOND.

Have performances like yesterdays game at home againt division opponents become so matter of fact that it is almost acceptable?  Not to me, and not to you.

Our voices need to be heard in Dove Valley my friends...  THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!  

Denver Broncos.... If you want our dollars, give us a product we can be proud of.  Losses like last week against the Jets don't bother me... Losses like yesterday DO!

Which leads me to my other rant:  This has even begun to turn some of us at MHR against each other...  DO NOT let the MF'ers win!  We are a great fanbase that deserves better from our team, and our friends here on MHR. I disgree with many things I see posted here, but my view isn't any better than yours...  It's at times like these we need to find a constructive way to get our frustrations out.  E-Mail Dove Valley... Call the HQ...  Call the National Guard... But remember this, if we didn't LOVE the Broncos we would NOT be here posting after a 59-14 pounding at home to the Raiders.

I pledge to you all I will NEVER pile on you, call you out, call you names, etc. for stating your opinion here... even if it is a polar opposite of how I feel.  Debate and logic wins the day on MHR... to quote Coach Wyche "This ain't Cleveland!"

Sorry for the rambling rant of a post, but I feel MUCH better getting that off my chest.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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