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Well, it was a nice thought. I figured, maybe after a good night's sleep, things might look a little different. You know, maybe I could see some hidden agenda from the Denver coaching staff, some previously unknown strategy involving getting stomped on by the Al Davisettes. Maybe the starters had been abducted by aliens and replaced with pod people. Or perhaps the whole thing was a bad dream brought on by too much hot salsa and beer, and the game hadn't actually been played yet.

Alas, no such luck.  I wake to find my ramblings from last night's post are still valid. *sigh*

I did come up with a few additional observations however, so last night's plan of passing out on the couch after too much to drink  was not a total loss after all.

First, it may be time to give the Raiders their due. This game was as much about them making plays as it was the Broncos making mistakes. We will learn alot about our team by watching what the Raiders do the rest of the season. Specifically, we will learn precisely what kind of team did this to us. Clearly, the Raiders of this year are better than the versions of the last several years, but how good are they really? The answer to that question will answer some of my questions about the Broncos. For example, if the Raiders turn it on, and finish with a winning record, or  even go 8-8, this tells me we were handled by a team that is on the way up. If they implode and have another double digit loss season.... Well, let's just say that if that is the case, then it may be time to rethink the coaching staff... and the roster.... and the front office....

Secondly, however bad this feels, the season is not over yet. There are still games to be played. Look at what happened to the Titans last year. They lose 59-0 and then went on a tear, winning 8 of 10. If the Broncos turn it around the rest of the way and win at least five of the remaining nine on the schedule, to me that buys McD one more season to show me something. If the wheels come off and we finish in the basement with a top five draft pick, then it is time to cut our losses and try again with someone else at the top spot. Bill Cowher anyone?

Thirdly, this week wasn't all bad. Since Phillip Rivers took over as starting quarterback in San Diego, I have despised the Chargers as much as the Raiders. At least the Chargers lost. There is the silver lining I was looking for.

On a different note, as I said in my post last night, I am not a Josh McDaniels apologist. But I did like his hire. I felt it was time to make some changes. Shanahan was stuck in a rut in Denver and Jay Cutler has yet to show that he can be more than a phenomenally talented prospect and actually be a top flight quarterback. That being said, McD needs to show that he can adapt. Yes, changes needed to be made. However, there comes a time to admit that the changes you made are not working and to try another approach. If McD cannot do that, then I can only hope that Pat Bowlen can. I fear that if McD cannot change and Bowlen insists on going down with the ship rather than cut his losses with McD, then the Broncos are in danger of becoming the Raiders of the last five years. 

Let me finish by saying, as tough as times are in Bronco Nation this year, I am still proud to wear the orange and blue. It is time to put this mess behind us and set our sights on the 49ers. May the Broncos take out their frustrations on Alex Smith and Co., and may the Raiders never win again!

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