An Open Letter to Pat Bowlen, Josh McDaniels and the Denver Broncos players.

Dear Pat, Josh and Broncos Roster,



I just wanted to drop you guys a short note on behalf of one of the LOYALEST fan bases in the game: the Denver fans that call MHR home, but also for ALL Denver fans all over the world that spend money, time and EMOTION following this once great franchise.



I dont know where to start, but I also feel now is NOT the time for pussy footing: YESTERDAY WAS THE LOWEST DAY IN THE HISTORY OF THE DENVER BRONCOS SINCE YOU PURCHASED THE FRANCHISE MR. BOWLEN.



Mr. Bowlen, it is up to you as an OWNER to communicate the traditions of this team. Of what RAIDER WEEK means, to relate the history of the team and its dominance at make sure ALL under your employ to realize how blessed they are to be part of the DENVER BRONCOS and know and EMBRACE that storied history.



It is up to YOU Mr. Bowlen to SUPPORT the fan base, to bring back the MYSTIQUE of the Mile High re-incarnate the spirit of the South stands. Enough of catering to sponsors, the wine and cheese crowd and the BOTTOM are NOTHING with out your fan base, and your fan base is NOTHING with out a team they can take pride in. And trust me, there is NOTHING about this team to take pride in. They have become the bottom rung on the ladder of the AFC West and NFL.



Josh McDaniels: I (and MANY others) have supported you from the get go. We bought into your vision, your fist pumps, your desire to win a MF game......but what has happened???? Anyone with ANY football knowledge can see this is a soft, under prepared PROFESSIONAL (Sorry....just threw up in my mouth a bit!) NFL team that lacks intelligence, common sense and basic football fundamentals and instincts. Its a team that has NEVER handled adversity well, and is a team that has leaders in KEY positions that rarely step up to the plate in CLUTCH situations. You have assembled a staff that quite frankly struggles to make adjustments, and just like yourself, struggles to adequately prepare its troops.



Josh, many still believe in you, but you, yourself, kicked many of your OWN supporters off the band wagon yesterday. I, myself, am only hanging on by a finger nail. What is going on with you? Get your head out of your play book, your New England Philosophies...and most importantly, your ass, and go coach our DENVER BRONCOS.....this is the fork in the road for you. Hopefully, you learnt yesterday that we HATE the Raiders.....and mush of that hate will now be directed at you and the players. You "Jim Jones'd" us yesterday....put cyanide in our kool aid and killed off much of your support.



And to YOU, THE PLAYERS of the DENVER BRONCOS.....we as fans don't deserve to have your sorry definition of professional football dumped on us. You are a disgrace. You show no heart, no fight, no desire, no ability to rebound and no ability to learn from your mistakes. The mild mannered way you reacted to yesterdays lost is despicable. THIS WAS THE OAKLAND RAIDERS!!! YOU LET THEM COME INTO OUR HOUSE AND NOT ONLY TAKE A WIN, BUT PLAY BITCH TO THEM AND RIP THE HEART OUT OF THE FAN BASE. If you guys could only show 10% of the heart and passion of the fan base, this would never have been a problem! You QUIT on yourselves, your team mates, your organization and the fans....and there is NEVER any excuse for that.



SO.....the future moving forward?



Pat, Josh and Players: SHow us that you care! SHow us that you get what it means to be a Denver Bronco. SHow us that you can give our team an us that you have PRIDE in yourselves and us, because at the moment, this fan base feels like the soldiers in Gallipoli.....a mass that needs leadership, but who is thrown to the wolves due to leadership that neither cares, nor is in touch with the common man and fan.



WE WANT OUR DENVER BRONCOS BACK! We love our team....PLEASE show us that you love it too!



Yours in hope,




This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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