A longtime, long distance fan perspective

Something told me.  I don't know why but I watched the end of the NASCAR race before going to KOA radio on the internet to listen to the game.  During a commercial break in the race I checked my picks on ESPN and saw a comment about the ugly start, and my heart sank.  Still, I listened to the game till the end.  I mean, what else could I do?  I have Broncos paraphenalia on my walls, I wear Broncos clothing, my wallet, my checkbook, my keyfob.  All Broncos!  Everyone that knows me buys me Broncos items for special occasions because they know  I live and breath Broncos.  No one asks me to do anything on Sunday during football season because they know I won't.


This was not the worst loss, not in my opinion.  Let's jump.

I stayed away from MHR last night, I knew better.  I skimmed most of the posts and a lot of the comments this morning.  I already knew what I would see........

I would like to suggest that everyone try and keep their heads.  I see long time posters going after each other and well, WTH?    Stop it!

Denver vs. Wash,  Denver vs San Fran,  Denver vs Giants.  Those were horrid losses.  To me the worst was the Washington game.  Talk about a great start followed by a great letdown.  That team gave up too, but they gave up in a Superbowl!!   Fer cryin' out loud!!!

Denver has a terrible history on MNF.  I can't even count the number of nights I have excitedly gotten ready only to go to beat deflated and embarrased for my team.  Can you say Eric Dickerson?

Dan Reeves did it,  Wade Phillips did it, Mike Shannahan did it too.  Do you really want to take a second year coach (not just here but ever) and dump him for something every coach here has done (ala shanny/davis)?  Yes, even Red Miller had embarrasing losses.......  Denver vs. Cowboys  SB   Everyone say it with me...  What Orange Crush?

Those players and coaches are people too.  They were crushed by six minutes of football just like you the fan were.  How many of you have had work go completely to hell?   Stress everywhere, mistakes by co workers making it worse, pressure from the boss/customer to get the job done.   What do you do?  You stop, take a deep breath, make a plan of action and *get back to it*!  The team did not rally, when they tried Oakland ( on one hell of a high) came right back to deflate the players hopes again.

That is tough!  I have fought through some terrible crushes at work and come away just happy to have made it to the end of the day.  I know that is how every Bronco employee feels today.

We all feel terrible and want to vent.  We want to share our disappointment, our anger, our disgust!  I know it.  It will be good for us to process.  No doubt about it.  Can I make one suggestion to everyone?

Stop, think.  Then go back and think again.  Remember to be civil even when we disagree.

I have lived through too many embarrasing losses by the Broncos.  I hate it.  I lived through years of being SuperBowl super losers.  Then, we won back to back Superbowls.  But that took a lot of things to go right.  It wasn't just Mike Shannahan.  It wasn't just John Elway.  It wasn't just Terrel Davis.  It was all three of them together but not alone.  They needed a great offensive line and a damn good defense.  We are a rebuilding team, an injured team, a young team.  Look around the league, we are not alone.  I am not suggesting anyone be happy or content.  I am only suggesting that there is hope for the future and that future may already be here.  Just beginning to grow, learn what adversity really is, and how to be a team.  Yesterday our Broncos lost as a team, everyone of them together.  They can learn to win as a team.  I for one do not want to start over.  Is McDaniels really ready to be a headcoach in the NFL?  Maybe not.  Mike Shannahan failed in Oakland, went to San Fransisco and learned more under Bill Walsh.  Then came to Denver in the wake of the Wade Phillips disaster.  How could he not be a hero here after being John Elways QB coach, getting screwed by our rivals and then taking over for a nice but terrible coach.  I have seen other posters reference great coaches that started out bad only to become great later.  Most of them became great on teams other than the ones they started with.  Maybe we should hold onto this coach.  I see potentail.  Why let him learn here only to send him away to use that experience somewhere else?  Unless we could get Gruden, I would like to have Gruden  :)

Yes, it is dark, depressing, I still love my Broncos.  No matter who the coach is, no matter who the QB is.  I will find a way on Sunday to follow my Broncos 'cause I love me some Bronco football.   Go Broncos!!!

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