Running On Empty

Let me start this post by saying, "I don't claim to be a football expert".  I'm just a long time fan who for more than 25 years has stood by the Broncos good or bad.  I happen to live 40 minutes from form Oakland and will have put up with all kinds of hell until we return the favor in their house later on this season.  So for all the crap I will have to put with this week, please hear me out. What has always helped me  gain objectivity after a devastating loss is to step back and look at the bigger picture and the contributing factors to a huge let down like we saw on Sunday.  It’s what has kept me being a fan for so many years.  

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I often come on here and read about stats, rankings and strong opinions about McD, Orton vs Tebow and our lack of running game. I enjoy reading all of those post and it helps bring a side of football that can be tricky to understand. The other side of football is one that is hard to measure and that is the emotional tank of a team.

We all have heard it said that football is a game of emotion, passion and desire. We have even heard others say that  their win was an "emotional win".  So if it is possible to have emotional win, is it possible to have an emotional loss? We have all seen horrible teams jump up and beat  great teams.  A great example is what happen with the Browns beating the Saints on Sunday.  The point is that football is a game played by emotional human beings.  So what happened Sunday to our beloved Broncos should not be a surprise when you look at what they have tried to overcome.

This season they have had to overcome Injury after injury.  They have been forced to turn to young players to fill in gaps because of these injuries.  We all know that with inexperience comes mistakes. They lose a game to the Colts they could have won. They get beat down by Baltimore.  They come home banged up, short handed and play one of their best games all year only to loose in the end on a PI call.  I have no doubt that the Broncos where prepared for Sundays game against Oakland in every area but one "emotionally".

Yeah I know these guys are paid professionals and should be prepared in every area of the game.  Every individual on the team only has so much emotional energy to offer.  Every injury, every close loss, every set back drains on that emotional tank.   All these factors over time add up and effect a teams emotional tank.

My opinion on Sundays game is that the Broncos looked like a team that is emotionally drained.  Honestly, does anyone who has watched the Broncos this year think we are as bad as what we saw Sunday? Does anyone want to come forward and say that Oakland is a better team that the Colts, or Jets?  Both are pretty good teams we played toe to toe with? The loss of key players, the big games they have  played and lost all add up to what we saw Sunday. Is that and excuse for getting blown out at home? No!  It 's the reality  of a team running on empty. Lets hope that the trip to London is successful and they regain their emotional edge.

First post,Thanks for hearing me out.

Go Broncos!

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