The results of futility, a divided fan base

I felt a gambit of emotions during the debacle yesterday and a lot of it is rage, shock and amazement.  It didn't even dawn on me that yesterday was going to end up the way it did.  Wtih a result like that everyone has to review their thoughts of this team and what it is and where it is going.  I for one and pissed about where we are and don't believe any of us can possibly understand where this team is going. 

Some further thoughts after the jump....

We have all been trying to paint a good looking picture of where out team is and how it is better than its record but in the end the record is all that we have to judge this team by.  This is something that I argued greatly with a fellow Broncos fan that watched the game with me yesterday and I think it is something we have lost in trying to support this team no matter what.  The only things in the NFL that truly matter are two, wins and making the playoffs.  Over the last 16 games we have been horrible, our record tells us so. 

Although everyone wants to say that we are going to start getting wins now that our schedule is getting easier but yesterday proved that is not the case.  In the end we are in a rebuilding process and yet again are being convinced that we are going to be competitive (this is the biggest thing that upset me about Shanny, every year we were supposedly playing for the Super Bowl but couldn't even get to the playoffs) but in the end we are not a good team. 

I don't have the answers and don't know what will happen from here on out.  No one does.  All I can say is that it hurts and that I am tired of screaming about our teams mistakes and thinking that things are getting better.  I will be retiring from watching every week and using the 3 hours to be more productive and happier. 

I will say this in leaving.  MHR is a fantastic site!  One thing in general that people need to release and humanity on the internet needs to release is arguing with others constantly.  We all have an opinion and all have differing views of the world and what is happening around us.  The best thing we can do is embrace that fact instead of thinking we need to "correct" others opinions.  We all have the right to express our opinions and not be attacked for our thoughts, the world is too divisive and no matter what someone says here we are all Broncos fans and root for the same team.  We all should be free to complain, scream and cry about the results of games and be frustrated with losses as well as focus on what we think went right.  Hopefully in the future there will be more things to be happy about and share in our teams successes. 

For me, I love this team and love our coach but I can't put myself through this heartbreak week in and week out and need to focus on other things. 

Peace out, MHR

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