Some perspective on a dark and gloomy day

Ok, so we got our collective butts whipped.  End of the world?  No.  Terribly disheartening, yes.  Fire McDaniels?  Not so fast.....


Let's be realistic.  I hear a lot of you today venting your frustrations, but bottom line is - we didn't have the following on defense - Goodman, Dawkins, McBath, Ayers, Dumervil.  Think those 5 would make a huge difference?  I do.  Not only that, but we've brought a great number of new players to this scheme, and it takes time to learn to work together.  Our 2nd stringers haven't had the reps...nor the experience...


Now, I'm not going to excuse the offense, which played terribly.  However, when you're down 21 - 0 in the first 3 minutes of the game, it changes the entire dynamic of your offense.  Orton looked like crap - he didn't have time, he didn't have velocity on his throws.....the worst day we've seen in a while.  Should McDaniels have let Tebow finish?  Yes.  But that's not WHY we lost this game.  Our offensive line will be a force when healthy and when they get some starts together as a unit. 


We started a rookie at CB, a rookie at nickel, a nickel corner at safety, and two young linebackers (Mays/Hunter) with very little experience.  What did that lead to?  OVERPURSUIT at the line of scrimmage.  This is the same damn thing that killed us last year against Oakland.  The Raiders must have watched an awful lot of tape against the Jets, because we did the same thing - only the Jets didn't adjust.   We stymied them time and time again by flooding the side of the field that they ran toward - but the Raiders saw that and used a cut back scheme, similar to the old Terrell Davis days.  If you can break contain, it's a big gain every time. 

Frankly, it's the overenthusiasm for making plays that cost us this game, in the form of many defensive players being out of position.  I'll can excuse the lack of experience with 5 starters out, but I must also give some credit for the hustle (even if they were hustling AWAY from the ball, not towards it.)  I love the enthusiasm this team has, the passion.  It's not a lack of passion, it's a lack of EXPERIENCE.  Time will fix that. 


Right now, it is what it is - we have experienced too many injuries and are playing 2nd stringers against starters.  It may be too late to salvage the season, but we are NOT a 2-5 team when we are healthy. 


The Raiders ain't that damned good.  We aren't that damned bad.  Yes, this loss SUCKED.  Trust me, I work in the Bay Area and all day have had people harassing me, but the bottom line is that I'm still happy with the direction of the team and the coaching staff, we just need to put all the pieces together.  A lot of inexperienced players just got a whole plate full of experience dumped on them.  That can only strengthen our core when we DO get healthy.


And, just for the record.......F**** the Raiders.  :-)

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