A Coaches Perspective: Raising the floor and not the ceiling of an athletes (and TEAMS) performance

Hi Y'All!


This is a really short post, but one I would be happy to expand upon and hopefully get some conversation going.


For all of you that don't know, I am a snowboard coach. I have been fortunate to work with some of the worlds best, including X Games winners, Olympians and professional event winners. I am not telling you this to impress you, rather, to help you give you my perspective from another sport, but also from the perspective of a coach that works with ELITE athletes.



There are some common coaching concepts that ALL coaches, be it development or high performance, be it snowboarding or football, SHOULD share.



I would like to share with you the reason why I am so down on the Denver Broncos, and the reason, in my mind, why the team appears lifeless, lacking in heart and soft. Its a concept I like to call RAISING THE FLOOR OF ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE.



As a coach myself, I try and raise the FLOOR of my athletes performance. Its a really simple concept. I want my guys to be able to perform under pressure, so even if they are riding at their worst...their worst should still be enough to give a strong performance. I rep snowboarding FUNDAMENTALS, ingrain them in muscle memory and build DYNAMIC skills from these fundamentals.



On the other hand, if I just raised the CEILING of my guys, then the gap between their WORST and BEST performance is HUGE. This gap is called INCONSISTENCY. I have that going on in my golf game. I can score a 76 one day, and shoot a 90 the next. i know why: my take away. its inconsistent, and because its a FUNDAMENTAL part of the game I have not grooved, I can sometimes play lights out...and other days suck. I have always said to my friends that all i want is to CONSISTENTLY shoot low 80's. Once achieved, then I can then start raising the FLOOR of other parts of my game: putting, chipping. But they will all be effected by improving my FUNDAMENTALS in my take away, and raising the FLOOR of my take away.



NOW....with such a wide and varying LEVEL of performances, I have seen so many athletes LEAVE the sport and effectively stop trying as they can not ride consistently. It messes with their mental make up and makes them SECOND GUESS everything.



Now you see why I am so worried about this team. The difference between their good and bad performances are HUGE. This inconsistency leads to MENTAL and FUNDAMENTAL problems, and causes a performance spiral downward. Coaches reach, players reach and it leads to INCONSISTENCY, a loss of FAITH in players and coaches and lack of EFFORT eventually will creep in.



So, you can call me negative, alarmist, not a real fan...what ever makes you feel good. But I am seeing things that I like to think i know a lot about in this teams athletic performance and psyche....and without an improvement in FUNDAMENTAL football, and a raise in the FLOOR of their performance, the team is doomed to inconsistent play, which also leads to a stifling in PLAYER DEVELOPMENT and IMPLEMENTATION of a system.



Hope you guys enjoyed a look at simple coaching fundamental from another part of the sporting world. Hit me back with any questions or comments.




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