Prediction - Tebow Unleashed

I've watched every interview McD's ever given during his tenure as head coach.  I've read every quote he's uttered publicly and watched every game he's coached with the Broncos.  From this, I feel I understand the guy as well as any fan possibly can.  I am basing my prediction on this "perceived understanding" and certain other facts and observations.  My prediction, for the most part, is based on the following:

1.  McD is not afraid to adapt and shake things up if he thinks it gives him the best chance to win and we are not winning.

2.  McD is a gambler and is not afraid to risk failure in order to achieve success.

3.  McD loves Tim Tebow, a lot.  He has always said that Tebow will be ready to roll much earlier than everyone expects.  

4.  Nobody expects Tebow to play a lot - the 9ers probably expect to see Tebow sparingly in a in the swamp package.

5. Our O-line has been terrible.  Let's just call it what it is. Whether it's Clady trying to get healthy or Ryan Harris' injury issues, or our inexperience or whatever - we can't run the ball and we're extremely suspect when it comes to pass-blocking.  When the season started, I had no inkling we'd be this bad along the offensive (emphasis on "sive") front.  But, we are.  This is relevant because, as good a passer of the football as Orton is, he's limited as an athlete and simply cannot escape any sort of pass rush.  Tebow can.

Prediction:  Tim Tebow will either start or come in the game early (or early in the second half) and get substantial work as a "real" QB.  I predict that McD will have a set of plays / audibles / hand signals that will allow him to run the offense without Orton on the field.  I think Tebow will run, throw and play and play well.  If he moves the offense and scores points, McD will leave him in there.  If it doesn't work after a couple of series, we'll go back to the neck-beard.

Do I think it would've come to this this early if we hadn't lost like we did to the raiders?  Likely not.  However, I think McD will take this step and I think he'll do it this week.  Ordinarily, I'd worry that this would destroy Orton's confidence, but it's Orton.  The guy is iron-clad.  The worry I would have is whether this would shake the other players' confidence in Kyle as the unquestioned starter.  This is a risky move and I'm not saying this it's right or wrong, I simply predict McD will do it.   


-GJ out

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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