Where is the LOVE???

Dear fellow Bronco lovers:

Where is the love for our team and coach.  First let me admit that I am a glass half full person and that that glass is filled with kool-aid, A trait I am sure I get from my late father whose season tickets are still in the family(since 1962). I also am very aware that we have weaknesses which need to be addressed, but the majority of the comments following today's VICTORY!! were predominantly negative and I will tell you that why is oh so wrong after the jump.

First any win against a team with a winning record on the road is big.  The Titans rarely loose at home, and the have one of the 5 best defenses in the league.  It was our first come from behind win in a long time and those provide confidence.  We had three aspects of our team play exceptionally well and they have been good for two consecutive weeks. I am speaking of the run defense, the QB play and the receivers  Also those who criticize McD's personnel decisions we had 6 players on our injured list than the titians did and still won. Shanahan's team were old and wore down late.  I believe this team, which is much younger will only get stronger and healthy as the season progresses.

Those who hat the Tebow pick all I can say is Aaron Rodgers, and Phillip Rivers, let him sit a year.

We act as if other teams don't have problens Cutler got killedm Eli manning under pressure almost every play, David Gerrard plays great at home He beat the coalts today.


McD admits his errors and yet still get calls arrogant I dont get it. Shanny never once said he was wrong!! McD admitted he called the Time out too soon. He also admitted he didn't have time to prepare for his first draft.  But I think that this years class looks awesome.  I am fine with calling out our weaknesses but  mix in an occasional that a boy as well.

We don't miss BMarsh, we don't miss Cutler, Hillis is good but a guy has to support his top pick. Hunter Vickerson some great waiver wire pick-ups

Drive blocking on the run is tough with an injured wheel and we have three OL with one bad wheel, and they are the vets Kuper (ankle and Knee) Clady knee and Harris ankel. It will get better but I admire them for playing hurt. and fighting.  We are and average team now but with a huge up side. I LOVE MY BRONCOS and I know you all do also.

So say it every now and then.!!!!!!.

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