No Bull game review: Broncos vs. Titans

That was quite the wild ride today my was really REALLY great to see our team win a close game like that.  There was no give up, no quit....just 4 quarters of football players getting a job done.

I realized that I've been doing these things for quite awhile without a proper introduction into what I'm doing, so here's the story:  I'm not big on writing, but I really dig a couple of things:  giving my educated opinion on my favorite team and having some decent discussions.  So what you get from me typically are bullet points on my thinking about the game.  I split it up into the 3 main phases of the game: Offense, Defense, Special Teams.  Usually we get some good discussion going in the comments (this is the goal).  If you want a more verbalized game review, that's not me, but there are a couple other guys on our blog that do that MUCH better than I would anyway.  If you want stats, yeah, I flavor stuff here and there, but I'm not big into it...there are others much better at that too.  If you just want to hear a long time Bronco fan' s thoughts and have a little back and forth, read on after the jump.


  • I don't always include this facet, but I have to say a couple things today about our coaching...first off, bone-headed time management at the end of the first half.  McDaniels just put 3 points on a platter and walked it over to Fisher.  This is INEXCUSABLE!  He gets to hire coaches, get someone with some logic and mathematics brain cells and pay them to handle this for you if you can't freaking do it.
  • I don't think much of Martindale's play calling, but he's got the defense performing pretty darn well considering the situation...they did a superb job today with outside contain.  They gave up one big run, but that was it.  These guys were well prepared on defense.
  • I'm officially in the "time for a new ST coach" bandwagon.  We CONSISTENTLY suck at return coverage game in and game out.  It is costing us and will only get worse if it isn't fixed.  If we have another poor coverage game, I think it is time to seriously think about switching ST coaches.


  • Let's start with the gut-wrenching, make me want to puke point first:  Man our run offense sucks.  I mean they are second only to the all mighty Hoover for suck factor.  I saw today that our backs just don't seem to have the talent to make stuff happen on their own without a solid line.  Moreno shows flashes and I think we might do better when he is back, but I really think this is going to be an area of need in the next draft.  We need a talented RB with some speed on him. 
  • O-Line needs props for living through the trenches today by the way.  The Titans' front 7 are just nasty (and I mean that in both the good and bad way).  They worked us over and really pushed the O-Line today.  It is a true blessing to have that experience for these young guys.  They settled down pretty well in the pass game and started buying Orton time.  The effort was there...bruised and battered, but it was there.
  • Kyle my me a favor and stop playing favorites.  Just because you call a play designed to go to Lloyd doesn't mean you always need to go that direction.  Orton was really starting to irritate me in the 2nd half with his bad passes into coverage to Lloyd.  We have THE most dynamic and talented corp of WR in the NFL...USE THEM ALL.  I know I'm being picky, but Orton is the one that's going to get pickied if he keeps locking onto Lloyd.
  • Lloyd is just sick and wrong.  I'm so excited to see him start being a very dangerous weapon in the passing attack. He's done GREAT working on his catching ability from the past few years.  For someone who had such a big tendency to drop balls in real games to turn it around and really shine like this is seriously unique.  Kudos brotha!  Keep it burning my ninja!


  • I'm not happy about it, but we seem to be shaping up into a "bend don't break" defense.  Teams seem to be able to move on us, but we make them work for it.  I hope they keep getting better at 3rd down defense so we shorten up more of the opponent's drives though.
  • I love me some Brian Dawkins.  Man that cat can play some freakin football.  Loved seeing him being integral to the plays on so many 3rd downs.  The sack was awesome...the 3rd down wolverine leap that lead to the swarming stop of CJ was just sick.
  • I've been down on DJ this year so far, but on one play that cat just PWNED the whole play...he perfectly covered the outlet receiver (RB I think) coming through the line, forced VY not to be able to get rid of the ball, then dropped VY in a real atheletic showing.  Way to go me some of that next week too please!

Special Teams

  • I'm very happy to see no more Perrish Cox back there returning anything.  DT looked very solid on KR and ER is the man on PR...don't change unless you want to get Squid in on some action please.
  • Coverage units need another chewing.  That TD return was sickening.
  • Prater is cash having this kid back there for our FGs...funny how all his FGs were 35 or 36 yards and every time we lined up I have no concern about him missing.

That is it my brothas and sistas...see you in the comments.  GO BRONCOS!!!

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