Former Broncos playing in the UFL

This is an update on some of our former Broncos mainly, but I found it very interesting that SO MANY of Shanahan's players from his last few years here are in the UFL.

Does that speak poorly of the talent level we fielded in his last few years here?

You decide, but remember, there are far more of his guys still playing and playing very well in the NFL... and to be fair, not all of these players can be labeled as "Shanahan Guys" but they were players he at least brought in here to improve the Denver Broncos at some point.

Players and updates:

Name                     Year(s) with Broncos                    UFL Team  & Year

Alexander, P.J.           (2003-05 & 07)                        Omaha Nighthawks (Current)

Bell, Tatum                 (2004-06 & 08)                        Florida Tuskers       (2009)

Chukwurah, Patrick       (2003-06)                             Florida Tuskers     (Current)

Clarett, Maurice              (2005)                                  Omaha Nighthawks  (Current)

Erickson, Mitch             (2008-10)                              Omaha Nighthawks   (Current)

Foster, George             (2003-06)                              Omaha Nighthawks   (Current)

Jones, Hernan-Daze      (2008)                                  Florida Tuskers        (Current)

Parker, Samie                (2008)                                  Las Vegas Locomotives (Current)

Pinnock, Andrew           (2008)                                  Florida Tuskers (2009)

Pittman, Michael             (2008)                                 Florida Tuskers (2009-10)

Powell, Carlton              (2008)                                  Florida Tuskers  (Current)

Putzier, Jeb                 (2002-05 & 08)                       Omaha Nighthawks (Current)

Rice, Simeon                (2007)                                   New York Sentinels  (2009)

Sapp, Cecil                  (2003-07)                               New York Sentinels (2009)

Sauerbrun, Todd         (2005-06 & 07)                       Florida Tuskers (2009)

Veal, Demetrin              (2004-06)                              Omaha Nighthawks (Current)


Note: There are 2 players that the current regime had on our roster that are playing in the UFL as well..


Greisen, Nick                (2009 IR)                              Omaha Nighthawks (Current)

Williams, Worrell          (2010 TC & PS)                   Sacramento Mountain Lions (Current)


I am glad that these guys are still able to play the game, and wish them all the best as former Broncos.

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