Worthington's Mock 2.0- Up, not Down

It's been almost a month since my last mock draft and things have changed in Broncos country. Draft talk is rampant and I wanted to update my mock. I'm going to the KC game this weekend and I really hope the Broncos can turn it around so we can stop talking about the 2011 Draft.

When I'm making a mock draft I'm not looking for the players that I think will improve the Broncos the most. Instead, I try and predict players that Josh McDaniels would pick. After two drafts, we've seen Josh favor physical players with high intelligence and character. 

The Broncos enter the draft with six picks. Unless things turn around in a hurry, we're predicting a top 10 draft position. In this mock I have the Broncos at the 5th spot where most mock drafts have us currently ranked.

We enter with:

  • First Round, Fifth Selection
  • Second Round, Fifth Selection
  • Second Round, Seventeenth Selection (via Miami for BM)
  • Third Round, Fifth Selection
  • Sixth Round, Eighth Selection (via Detroit for the Phonz)
  • Sixth Round, Twenty-Ninth Selection (via New England from Maroney trade)


1-5. Prince Amukamara 

Cornerback, Nebraska, 6-1 200



Trades: The last several mock drafts I've seen on this site have the Broncos trading down from the fifth spot. While that's a fair mock to make at this point, I think it's a scenario that would be highly unlikely for a few reasons.

a. Trading out of the top 10 is rare. Unless there is some rookie salary scale instituted, trading up into the top 10 is just too expensive.

b. Other than a team making a run at one of the two top CBs, there really isn't that much top talent worth the trade value of moving up into the top ten.

c. People point out that McDX have traded down before. Yes, this is true, but they've also traded up over twice as many times as they've traded down. (more on that later)

Without trading out of the fifth pick, Broncos need to look at best player available. Marcel Dareus is still on the board but he's not an absolute elite talent at his position and this is a deep class for defensive ends.

Why you should love this pick: If Josh McDaniels was going to genetically engineer his perfect Cornerback, the final product would probably look a lot like Prince Amukamara. He has the perfect size, strength, and confidence to excel in man-to-man coverage. He can jam off the line and stay in the WR's hip pocket down the field. He is a huge competitor and carries himself well off the field. But what will really make Amukamara an elite CB will be his ability to lockdown in run support. 

Picking Amukamara also gives the Broncos flexibility with the Bailey issue. Bailey can resign and maintain his position and continue to mentor our young DBs, or the Broncos and Champ can go their separate ways and let the young talent take charge. 

Who doesn't like this pick: Perrish Cox. Cox is going to be kept busy throughout his career whether he's lining up across from Champ or Prince.


**Trade Alert** Denver Broncos trade 37th(2) and 49th(2) picks for St. Louis's 21st(1) and

117th(4) picks.**  (Denver 940 - St. Louis 860) 


1-21. Cameron Jordan

Defensive End, California, 6-4 282

Trade: In my mock draft, McDX don't trade down, they trade up. By packaging our two 2nd round picks we can move back into the first night of the draft and pick up an additional fourth round pick. I think as far as mock drafts go, there is always going to be a bias towards trading down because it allows you to mock more players and "fill more holes." But McDX have more often traded up in the draft, and I think this scenario is more likely than trading down from the 5th spot. And yes, this trade means we get Amukamara and Jordan. 

There is no one I like at the 49th pick anyways. It would be a reach for any of the DTs or TEs and I don't think DeAndre McDaniel will be on McDX's big board given his arrest history. You could pick up a LB like Quan or Kelvin, but I don't think either of them provide a better option than Haggan or Woodyard.

Why you should love this pick: Jordan has become the leader on Cal's defense this year. A 3-year starter at DE in a 3-4 defense, Jordan has quietly become one of the better defensive ends in the country. A physical player who knows how to use his hands, he can post up against the run or slip into the backfield on pass plays.

Who doesn't like the pick: Darren McFadden fantasy owners


3-69. Mark Barron

Strong Safety, Alabama, 6-2 215

Why you should love this pick: The Broncos need to start thinking about future starters at safety. In Mark Barron, Denver gets the most explosive hitter in the 2011 draft. A true center fielder, Barron has excelled in the role of making calls for Alabama's secondary. Atypical for a SS, Barron has great ball skills as he lead the SEC in interceptions (7) last season and tied for most passes defended (18). He will have an immediate impact on special teams and will fill the void left by Josh Barrett.

Who doesn't like the pick: Jacoby Ford's back 


4-117. Phil Taylor

Defensive Tackle, Baylor, 6-3 351

Why you should be okay about this pick: The Broncos need a future dominant NT to pair behind Jammal Williams. I don't think they are going to find one in this weak draft class. Taylor isn't much more than a warm body to fill in as Ron Fields becomes a FA. Maybe this raw player can develop into a star player or maybe (more likely) he can hold down the fort while we wait for some better prospects at nose tackle. 


6-168. Derrick Locke

Running Back, Kentucky, 5-9 190

Why you should love this pick: Locke probably will fall to the sixth round because of injuries this year. An explosive, if diminutive runner, Locke is also a big factor in UK's pass game. Locke has also excelled at ST in kick returns, but also in leading the team in special teams tackles. He has potential to become a 3rd down back, and in the sixth round, we'll take potential.


6-189. Weslye Saunders

Tight End, South Carolina, 6-5 275

Why you should love this pick: Take a look at how dominant Tony Moeaki has been for the Chiefs or look at Aaron Hernandez in New England. If the Broncos could have had real production from Richard Quinn, I think we would be a completely different team right now. DG has not played that well this year and he becomes a FA in 2012. Saunders has all the physical tools to be a complete TE but he has shown no drive to play football. He's worth a late round pickup and the coaches will believe they can mold him into an NFL player.

Free Agents

If the Denver Broncos want to improve at the ILB position, they need to do it through free agency. There simply is no thumper this year in the draft that could thrive in a 3-4 defense. Luckily, there are quality ILB who will become free agents in 2011. The Broncos should make plays for David Harris, Kirk Morrison, Paul Posluszny, and Chad Greenway.



1-5. Prince Amukamara

1-21. Cameron Jordan

3-69. Mark Barron

4-117. Phil Taylor

6-168. Derrick Locke

6-189. Weslye Saunders

FA Top need: ILB

Is this mock perfect? No. But I wanted to open up the possibility that trading up in the draft can provide just as much value as trading down. I think trading away our two 2nd-round picks maximizes our pick value because it gets us back to the top defensive lineman and it moves us down in the right spot for a NT.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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