The Soapbox: Week 10 Quick Hits

Hello MHR Nation. I've written three soapboxes, and all of them were too long. So I've decided to do the logical thing and split it up into two parts. This first one is my quick hitters, and is in the form of bullet points. I will also add some kind of poem or something. Probably song lyrics, I don't know. I'll think of something to put at the beginning. Oh, and I'd like to lead off with a picture too, if someone would only tell me how to use that picture template everyone else on the front page puts in their articles...

Now, as this post is to be done within an hour of the game's conclusion, it will therefore be reactionary and short-sighted. I will tell you loyal readers about what impressed me, what made me angry, and really anything else that is in my mind directly following the game. This goes against my nature, as I enjoy macro-economic analysis and I like to take a step back and look at individual games and plays in the bigger picture of the season or the entire rebuilding process. That is something I will take on in my Tuesday Soapbox post.

So that puts me on a two post a week pace, with one on Sunday and another on Tuesday. Oh, and I will soon have something special in store for Thursday or Saturday as well. More on that in a week or two...

Now, on to the bullets! (Recently edited for bear..)

  • Man, I love it when the Broncos beat the Chiefs. Seeing all those dejected faces popping up around campus really makes me smile.
  • Of course, most of the Chiefs fans I know (and especially their paint-huffing, Kool-Aid drinking radio announcers) are going to somehow look at this game as a positive for them. "We scored 29 points on your defense!" they will say. "Matt Cassel is developing as a quarterback!" they will say. And it will be annoying.
  • It's amazing how many guys had personal bests today. Knowshon Moreno had his first 100-yard game, Kyle Orton set a career high in TDs, as did Tim Tebow, Mario Haggan had three sacks... It was a great all-around team effort and every one of those guys was supremely motivated. And even more impressive, they all got results. Huge positive, and whatever we did to motivate the team in this one should be carried over for the rest of the season.
  • Speaking of Haggan, if he can continue to provide the type of pass rush he did today, I wouldn't be surprised to see him rotate at OLB for the rest of the year with Robert Ayers and Jason Hunter. Can't be any worse than Jarvis Bust.
  • Remember when everyone was concerned about Ryan Harris getting beat out by Zane Beadles? Well, I think it's very safe to say that that was only due to injury. Harris looked a hundred percent better against KC. His footwork was good, he got off the ball very well, and he had a couple of truly great downfield blocks on screen passes. Staying healthy has been an issue for him, so hopefully he can keep it together for the rest of the year. Because really, when he's not hurt, he's one of the best.
  • Same for Ryan Clady and Kevin Vickerson. Clady's been hurt since the summer and looked sluggish in pass protection all year, but I thought his footwork and agility were miles better today. He won't be 100% of the 2008 Ryan Clady until next year at best because of the nature of his injury, but the way he played on Sunday was very promising for the rest of 2010. Vickerson, meanwhile came back from injury and was the same monster he's been all year for us. What great late-offseason pickups he and Jason Hunter were.
  • Rounding out the O-line bullets, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Offensive Lineman (get it?? because his last name is Beatles?!), who I mentioned last week was impressing me with his progression at right tackle, really looked good in his natural position of left guard. He had a little help from his friends (get it?? because his last name is Beatles?!) in opening up some great holes for Knowshon Moreno against a pretty good Chiefs run defense. He really made it a long day's night (get it?!) for their defense. Hopefully, with regards to this offensive line combination, the coaches will let it be. (....)
  • Our defense, meanwhile, was a little lackluster in the second half. But really, who cares? I laugh at the people who are alarmed at us giving up 29 points. That was a good old-school beatdown whether we gave up 0, 9, 19, or 29. You want to score two TDs against our backup defense to feel better about yourself? Fine. We beat some ass today, and while the score isn't really indicative of how thoroughly we dominated, again: who cares?
  • One thing about the defense that has me a little concerned is the play of Champ Bailey. He hasn't looked like a Top-3 cornerback at all this year. With Andre' Goodman getting older and Syd'Quan Thompson and Nate Jones being career nickel backs, I think we need to address the CB position early in the 2011 draft. Perrish Cox is a CB of the future, and we're going to need someone soon that can play opposite him in the years to come.
  • Something I liked from the defense: Joe Mays being a violent human being. Sure, he may take some penalties, but I love a guy like that on the defense. And you know what? That reminds me of James Harrison, Ray Lewis, Bill Romanowski.. We've lacked an enforcer like that since Romo left and it was good to see someone back there punishing people when he tackled them.
  • A little Rookie Watch for ya, beginning with You-Know-Who: Tim Tebow is awesome at the goal line. He's had four chances to score from inside the five, and you know how many touchdowns he has? Four. That's one hundred percent. A player who can get into the end zone in the twenty is a huge asset to the team. Oh, and I don't want to hear all the people who will say that we should use him as quarterback more, and that not letting him pass shows a lack of confidence in him. That's bull. He was used in the exact same way his freshman year at Florida, and that turned out OK. So I don't want to hear it. Or maybe I can't. My Teboner is blocking my ears.
  • Demaryius Thomas looked good today as well. He caught a couple of passes and showed a real knack for getting downfield after the catch, although he did short-arm what should have been a touchdown early. Receiving stuff aside, where Bay-Bay really impresses me is with his blocking. We had a lot of positive runs to the outside today, and he was actively engaging defensive backs on all of them. He's a talented team-first player, and I hope he's in Denver for a long time.
  • I went over SPLHCOL (Beadles) earlier, so I guess I should mention JD Walton. He looked good too today, for all the same reasons Beadles did. Moreover, the offensive line played very tight today, and that is indicative of Walton making good line calls and keeping everyone on the same page. He's had up games and down games in that area this year, and today was definitely an up game.
  • I mentioned that Perrish Cox is our CB of the future earlier. He made a couple of great plays in coverage today and he got burned a couple of times. That's the way it goes with young defensive backs. I've said this many times and I will stand by it, Perrish reminds me a LOT of the late Darrent Williams. He shows the same make-a-big-play-or-get-burned mentality. Hopefully that will even out a little as he matures as a player. Cox also made a couple of very good tackles on runners in the open field today. He's not known for that, so that is very promising.
  • Rounding out this week's Rookie Watch, Decker looked good on special teams, which was unusual. Squid and his magnificent Predator-dreads made a couple of plays on defense. Vaughn was inactive. Tim Tebow impregnated all 70,000 people at the game, they stayed after to sign autographs and deliver the babies.
  • Oh yeah, also, finally, and I almost forgot this, Todd Haley always has been, and continues to be, a class five douchebag. (Link may or may not be NSFW.)
  • This post was happy today. When we lose, it will be sad. But the Tuesday post will bring it all back down to Earth a little and be a lot less objective/reactionary. I'll be back then with a haiku, some Coaching Points, and a nice Freeform Jazz Odyssey to play you out. Thanks for reading! And on that note...

Allow me to play you out

I'll play you out on Sundays with a nice song that's relevant to the mood of the game. Today, we kicked ass. And on that note, I play you out with one of the great ass-kicking songs of the 1980s. It's Tesla. Modern Day Cowboy. Have yourselves a nice week.

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