KC vs Denver: The No Bull Game Review

What is up my brothas and sistas?  That was one heck of a breath of fresh air for me.  This team NEEDED a win like that.   That said, the whole first half I spent asking my wife, "Who are they and what did they do with the Broncos???"  Solid run game, aggressive pass game, solid defense...I'd say the team got something out of their Bye week.


  • THAT is what you need to do with the offense in the beginning of the game...pounce on them and make them play from behind.  That is the recipe for this team to have more victories this year.  Now show me you can do it again McD.
  • Defense got awfully predictable after the 1st half...I saw repeated blitzes from CB and OLB over and over and looked a little over used to me and KC easily picked it up most of the time.
  • I have nothing to say about the STs....and that is always a good thing.


  • Orton was just absolutely en fuego to start the game.  Great short throws, great long throws, and masterful running of the offense.  Dude was killing it and I loved it.
  • Keep working on getting Eddie more touches in space...the kid is just plain deadly and I think he looks under used.
  • Thomas is going to be a sick WR...he showed some great flashes this game and you can tell he is getting more comfortable with the game.
  • I'm absolutely a huge fan of Moreno...the guy plays with heart and that is all I want.  Give him a lane and he will get you some yards.
  • Big credits to the O-line.  They looked like a completely different line than I've seen the first half of the season.  They were opening lanes and pass protecting extremely well this game.  They wore down a bit at the end of the game, but I'm not too worried about that when we had the game well in hand.
  • TE looks like an area we are going to need some talent at this off-season.  Graham has lost a step and the other two guys don't impress me in the least.


  • These guys looked sharp early and did a great job of getting the heck off the field.  Loved their play on 3rd downs early in the game.
  • Bailey just looks like he is either hurt or he isn't "all in" any more.  I wonder if the Broncos taking his offer off the table has left him jaded.  I would expect not, but something is up...he was getting pwned by Bowe the whole game.
  • McBath needs some time with the juggs machine...dude you HAVE to catch those INTs when they are square in your hands!
  • I'm very proud of our LBs that have stepped up...Mays, Haggan, and Hunter all played exceptionally well.  Way to step up your play men.
  • Justin Bannan was just supreme this game...he blew up KC's line at least 3 times on big plays.
  • Our pass rush still lacks...with only 4 guys we weren't doing much.

Let me say this overall:  That was ONE great game.  Now it is time for this team to Bronco up and take it to San Diego next week.  We aren't even close to sniffing the playoff race yet.  One game at a time and show me some FRIGGIN consistency from week to week.  Go Broncos!

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