The Good, Bad, and Ugly Wk 10 vs Chiefs + Poll:

Quick Summary:

Can you say tantalizing, remarkable, huge game at Mile High Investco Stadium. For the first time in a while our Broncos scored first and often something I’ve been waiting for since McDaniels arrival as head coach. I Couldn’t believe my eyes watching the explosive potential of this offense finally firing on all cylinders. The 21 first quarter points, 3-TD passes by Orton was by far one of the best first quarters of Bronco history. Just loved the way we dominated the Chiefs and scored 14 more points in the 2nd quarter one with Tebow’s patented 1-yd run but the 75 yard fumble return by Hunter was the key highlight before half time. Gosh, 3-sacks by Mario and the forced fumble was a sight for soar eyes and much needed for the defense to make a statement against the Chiefs running attack - it gave us the spark and we dominated.

The goal line stand was unbelievable from the 1-yard line that kept the energy flowing for the defense. The 3rd quarter pass from Tebow to Larsen scored in the Red Zone was thrilling as the team kept the foot to the metal against the helpless Chiefs. Maybe that was what had Haley so upset hehe. The fourth quarter TD pass to Lloyd and 4th TD pass for Orton was a career best rounding out the scoring.

Hard to believe Knowshon Moreno had his first 100 yard game since being drafted #12 in the first round of the 2009 Draft. Just maybe yesterday’s game is a preview into the future for our Broncos, was a new team identity born yesterday?

I’ve always believe we had the offense to score from anywhere and we finally played an entire game without major penalties, and for the first time with all the pieces to the front line finally playing together we witnessed the enormous potential of this offense when hitting on all cylinders. To finally see Beadles & Harris playing the positions they were intended to play since training camp was the difference in the O-Line making great blocks opening up the holes for Moreno and pass protection for Orton was a thing of beauty.

Kudos to coach McDaniels and his coaching staff and for calling a great game. I knew something was different after the first 3-plays to start the 1st quarter. With new found focus and hard work we can defeat the Chargers on Monday Night Football the next most important game of the year.

The Good

1. Kyle Orton first 4-TD's performance of career

2. Knowshon Moreno 1st 100 yard game

3. Jason Hunter 75 yard fumble return for TD

4. Mario Haggan first 3 sack performance

The Bad

1. Fans leaving early [never could understand that]

The Ugly

1. Coach Todd Haley of Chiefs classless non-hand shake

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