A Bronco fan remembering why he hates the Bolts, and how we are going to beat them!

This is my first real blog post ever. So bear with me please and be nice.


It all started on a cold November morning, the year was 1981. I came inside our house to warm up after playing in the snow with my brother and sister. I was sitting with my Grandfather and my Dad. They were yelling at the TV over a call an official made during a football game. They were so upset and so in to the game it sparked my interest.


I remember my Dad and Grandpa saying, "If we win this, the Broncos are going to the Superbowl!!" They were the best Bronco fans you could ever meet. The Broncos were going to the Superbowl every year.



We had played the Chargers earlier that season and beat the crap out of them. Unfortunately that late November game we played from behind and came up short.  A win that day would have put us in 1st place in the AFC West. We would have gone on to play the Miami Dolphins in the playoffs instead of watching the Chargers play them. I watched that playoff game with my Grandpa we really wanted the Chargers to loose! It was a heck of a game! The Chargers won. Only to loose their next playoff game that year to the Bengals. That was the first NFL game I watched in it’s entirety that the Broncos didn't play in.


The 1981 NFL season began my journey as a Bronco fan. I began to learn football and to learn what it meant to be a Bronco fan. It’s funny how quickly we learn who our enemies are.  For me it was instant. The Chargers ruined my first real season as a Bronco fan.


Since then I have always held a grudge against the guys with lightning bolts on there helmets. We need to beat them on Sunday. This season has had some pretty bad moments for us as Bronco fans. A win on Monday night in San Diego would put a smile on my face for the rest of the season. Jump with me and I will explain how the Broncos are going to win this game.


We need to come out strong. Just like we did Sunday at home. Get our offense pumped! Get on the board early.


Defense, defense, defense!! They have got to step it up on Monday night!!


I am worried that if we try to get in to a shoot out with SD in passing we are going to loose. They are ranked 3rd in the league for passing defense. It may be best to go back to some dink and dunk Orton smart play with this SD defense. I am not saying our receivers won’t give their secondary a run for their money. I am just saying we may want to play this one safe.


We need to start where we left off with our running. We did a great job protecting the ball and running it down the throat of KC. Our o-line looked great! Now that we are back to normal formation (IMO) and everyone is healthy. Let’s play some smash mouth football, and bring out some swamp!


SD has made a lot of special teams look great this year. We need to take advantage of this. I am looking forward to some big returns from Royal and Thomas.

Finally, everyone in CO needs to wear Orange on Monday. Because it is just cool!  :) GO BRONCOS!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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