Post Chargers Loss - Random Thoughts and Looking Forward!!!

That wasn't a easy game to watch last night.  It wasn't as bad as The Raider Game but it was pretty bad.  I just find it amazing how we can blow out the KC Chiefs and then get run over in San Diego.  It is a Crazy Year in the NFL - both The Cowboys and The Vikings were suppose to be Playoff Teams join The Denver Broncos at 3-7. 

Here are some of my thoughts on what I have seen yesterday and the whole season.

The Good

1.      Kyle Orton isn't the problem.  Orton when he has time has proven to be a very good QB.  The problem is the talent around him.  Oline pass protection SUCKED.

2.      Knowshon Moreno looks healthy.  He had a great game against KC and a very solid game against SD.  I still think the Oline isn't opening huge hole.

The Bad

1.      I have said it time and time again that Denver needs to draft a Safety Next year.  Renaldo Hill isn't a good player and Brian Dawkins showed last night that his glory days are over.   Both Safeties need to be REPLACED.   Also Darcel McBath got Injured AGAIN , this isn't good.

2.      CB might be a HUGE need next year.  Champ might walk(unless we Franchise him) , Perrish Cox still looks lost and Andre Goodman is OLD. 

3.      Demaryius Thomas should NOT BE RETURNING KICKOFFS!!!!  McDaniels is a idiot with this one.

4.      Correll Buckhalter is DONE.  I can make that catch 9 times out of 10.

5.      Wink Martindale doesn't look like the answer at Defensive Cordinator.  Wade Phillips or someone else.  Wink was out coached by Ron Riveria.  I don't think SD has a ton of talent on Defense besides Shaun Phillips.

The Future

Lets get this straight - Denver isn't 1 or 2 players away from being a great team.  Hill , Dawkins and Goodman all need to be replaced.  Jamaal Williams replacement needs to be drafted and maybe another OLB.

Free Agents

1.       Darren Sproles - San Diego Franchised him last year and I doubt will do so again.   Sproles would be a great addition.


2.       Carl Nicks - Guard - New Orleans -  Denver spends it's money on Big Carl Nicks instead of re-signing the often injured Ryan Harris.  Moving Zane Beadles back to RT.


2011 NFL Draft - Denver drafts 9th


1st Round Pick 9th --------- *******TRADED*******   Denver trades down from 9th - 2 times and ends up around 24th with a extra 2nd and 3rd Round Pick.

24th Pick in the NFL Draft -------------------------------------      Brandon Harris - CB - Miami - 5'11" 198lbs - Denver drafts this excellent CB to Denver's aging secondary.



2nd Round Pick ---------------------------------------------------      Deunta Williams - Safety - UNC - 6'1" 210lbs - Denver needs a upgrade at Safety and Williams can take over for Renaldo Hill.


2nd Round Pick(via Trade)------------------------------------      Marvin Austin - DE/NT - UNC - 6'3" 310lbs - Denver drafts this very good DT who might have been a top 15 pick if he didn't get suspended.


2nd Round Pick(Miami)-----------------------------------------      Kelvin Sheppard - ILB - LSU - 6'2" 240lbs - Denver adds some much need youth and talent to the LB crew.


3rd Round Pick ---------------------------------------------------      Ahmad Black - SS - Florida - 5'10" 190lbs - Yes another Safety.


3rd Round Pick ---------------------------------------------------     Phil Taylor - NT - Baylor - 6'4" 340lbs - Denver drafts this HUGE NT.


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