Don't Let 'Em Do It

I know how easy it is to succumb.  But don't let the San Diego Chargers do this to your love of all things Broncos!!! I know you're wondering "Where is the team I saw last weekend against the Chiefs?" and possibly how similar last night's Monday Night Football was to when We played acted like We were gonna play the Raiders at Mile High a few weeks back..... Do a couple things and ask yourself what purpose does being negative serve?

* First, let's remember that first drive.  You saw it. You know that that team is in there. Somewhere. Deep down, you do. And if you don't, you're in denial (on that note, don't start in with the "You're the one in denial" crap, because actually, I am in full awareness of the fact that I love the Broncos, no matter what. There's no denial about it.).  That team is in there.  I just don't know what puts them into their dormant phase, as seems so common.... It's almost like the NFL is the old WWF, and everything is bought and paid for, including who is going to go to, and win the Super Bowl..... I wouldn't be surprised if it's all bought and paid for years in advance....  I have more than strong feelings that this is true.  I mean, look at the officiating in some of these games (or the lack thereof in many instances), it is hard to argue some of this crap isn't paid off....

If I'm so sure about this, why would I be such a big fan?  Well, because it can't all be scripted, especially as easy as you could a wrestling match.... And I believe there are some games where even the head coach (and heck, the players might be in on it too) knows his team is going to lose a particular game, before setting foot on the field. This would explain some of the idiotic play calls when they have happened, among many, many other things.  Now maybe it's all in this fans head and I'm trying to find excuses for bad performance... But maybe not.  You know the mafia is real, right? My point is, even if it were all scripted and planned out to a degree, I still can't help but root for my Mile High Miracles.... Even if I knew ahead of time, that We were slotted to lose a game, I would still watch it, for that chance that one of the guys goes 'screw the mafia, I'm taking this to the house!' and then there's a behind the scenes mafia war, and the Feds cover it up..... Alright I'm getting carried away... Point is, even if I knew there was a 99% chance We were going to lose a game (which is obviously impossible, you can never know), I'd still be there to watch and enjoy as much of it as I could. Because at the least, We only get to watch 16 of 'em a year!!!

So again, remember that first drive.... Felt/looked kind of like the majority of the Chiefs game did... Believe it or not, this team is indeed capable of that. Hopefully the staff and players get to the bottom of what truly makes it tick, and how to stop it from 'not ticking'.... As so many other teams seem easily able to figure out.


* Second, ask yourself "Are the Broncos so important that I need to bash, belittle and berate them?"

If you're so pissed off, what good do you really think talking $#it about your 'favorite' team is going to accomplish?I would think as some of the most loyal fans in the NFL, We would understand that Our team is in a rebuilding phase and just because We stomped the crap outta the Chiefs last week, does not mean We automatically earned and deserve to beat down every team left on the schedule..... Yeah, it sucks We lost. We all know that.  We need to get over it too, not just the players.  And don't even begin to think the players and staff don't hate it as much as Us.

Being negative about the Broncos is the last thing ANY OF US NEED RIGHT NOW! How do so many not realize this simple fact?

Seriously, would you be happy to not have a team in Denver? If I was born and raised in Detroit, and a Lions fan, I would feel the same way I do now.... The whole "You never know" and "Any given Sunday" aren't B.S.... We don't ever know 100% before the fact, and any day, any team can beat the other, and vice versa. Why bit@# and moan when you can focus on the positive and grow from it. You can't grow very well from negativity. Just sayin'.


So, to conclude, don't let the stinkin' Chargers of all people, allow you to feel like any less of a person. We should have done way better. Yes, We should have. But the saying "you can't win 'em all" is certainly not B.S. either....

I am glad We have a team. I love when Our team does good, I go crazy when They do great. When they suck it up, I feel like I die inside a little, every time.  But I'll be there for Them at every single opportunity, to let them let me find out which. Thanks for reading, and I hope my thoughts and feelings help someone else grow in some way or another.

Edit, Churchill quote added - 11/24/2010:

A pessimist sees the difficulties in every opportunity.
An optimist sees the opportunities in every difficulty.
                                                                     - Winston Churchill

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