Reasons for Optimism

So MHR I haven’t posted in nearly a year, with moving cross country and getting my family settled, and honestly I haven’t known what to say, some weeks I am the Kool-aid drinking optimist, and then turn around and trying to figure out how we lost to an inferior team.

I have had to catch myself many times, because I constantly find myself saying if a certain play hadn’t gone wrong, or a certain penalty hadn’t been called we could be right in the play-off hunt. I don’t like being one of those fans that cry over spilt milk, and consistently play the “what if” game.  That being said, I think there is room for optimism for the future for several reasons.

1.       Doom. With Elvis Dumervil in the lineup, opposing QB’s have to be quicker with their reads, and the added pressure creates mistakes. The biggest knock on Doom is he was a great pass rusher, but occasionally struggled in run defense.  This leads to point number 2

2.       Ayers has been excellent against the run this season when healthy. He struggles some with the pass rush, but when Doom returns to the lineup this duo may be a very good combination, each accounting for the other’s weaknesses. I am excited about this group for the future.

3.       Considering this season is all but lost (I still hold my eternal optimistic hope) Having Goodman’s injury has allowed Cox to gain valuable experience. Whether or not the Broncos resign Champ, and I am squarely in the “re-sign him please” camp, we have a legitimate option as a starter opposite Goodman for next season. Cox is not Revis, he’s not Champ or Namdi, but he has been very solid for a rookie, against some very good quarterbacks.

4.       Moreno is starting to show flashes. I was against drafting him, I wanted Beanie Wells, probably more so because I saw his talent as I am also an Ohio State fan. (Go Buckeyes!) But Moreno is emerging as a legitimate threat, both receiving and passing, and that is how the “Patriot way” is designed IMO.

5.       Obviously the extension of Orton is great, because it gives Denver options. K.O. is tradeable, and I am in the camp that says we could get a 2nd for him easily, or if McDaniels feels it is in Tebow’s best interest to sit an additional year he gives us an great talent at the Quarterback position. You may love Tebow, or Dislike Orton, but I cannot see how you can possibly state that Orton has been anything but spectacular this year, and we don’t yet know how much better he could be with more time in the system. ( I wasn't surprised by Ortons emergence... I called it last season) Either way the extension buys time, and gives us options. Also, in my opinion playing Orton at least part of next year makes sense even if McDaniels feels it’s Tebow Time, because come trade deadline next year, the teams who need Quarterback help might be willing to sell the farm to salvage the season.

6. The offensive line is finally in the grouping I felt we should have had all season. And looked good against KC. But then looked terrible in pass protection against San Diego. I think this line could be great, with signifigant time to gel. Only time will tell, and with added depth from the 2011 draft this could be a strength in the future.

We have plenty of reasons to look to the future, and believe this team can succeed. One more solid draft and we could be in very good shape…


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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