Denver Inching Towards a Top 5 Pick


The teams currently vying for a top 10 are coming into focus.  I am obviously not rooting for Denver to lose, but if they do it would be fun to have a top 5 pick.  So as Denver continues their losing ways at least this is something to look forward to.  Some unexpected things would need to happen to lock it in like Detroit or Buffalo winning 3 of 6 games, but anything is possible. My big hope is that we are in a position to take Marcel Dareus or Da’Quan Bowers whether it’ at 5 or 9.

Current Records and team bidding for a top 10 pick

1.       Carolina (1-9)

2.       Cincinnati (2-8)

3.       Detroit (2-8)

4.       Buffalo (2-8)

5.       Denver (3-7)

6.       Arizona (3-7)

7.       Dallas (3-7)

8.       Minnesota (3-7)

9.       San Francisco (3-7)

10.   Cleveland (3-7)

11.   Houston 4-6

12.   ST Louis 4-6

13.   Miami 5-5

14.   Oakland 5-5

15.   San Diego 5-5

16.   Seattle 5-5

17.   Tennessee 5-5

18.   Washington 5-5


Last year 6-10 assured you of a top 10 Pick

2010’s Draft Order.

1.       St. Louis (1-15)

2.       Detroit (2-14)

3.        Tampa Bay (3-13)

4.       Washington (4-12)

5.       Kansas City (4-12)

6.       Seattle (5-11)

7.       Cleveland (5-11)

8.       Oakland (5-11)

9.       Buffalo (6-10)

10.   Jacksonville (7-9)

To make the top 5 Denver would have to stay within 5 wins if they go to 6-10 then there out of the top 5.


First Pick in the Draft

Carolina (1-9) Prediction: (1-15)

The top pick is almost a foregone conclusion with Carolina.  Their remaining five opponents are Cleveland, Seattle, Atlanta (Twice), Pittsburgh, and Arizona.  Carolina may win 1 more game for the rest of the season against Arizona, but I doubt it.  Cleveland and Seattle are playing tough and should beat the Panthers.  This could make the draft really go Denver’s way by pushing down the top QB taken as Carolina already has Jimmy Clausen and will likely take a different position wither WR, CB, or DL.

Picks 2-4

Teams: Buffalo (2-8), Cincinnati (2-8) , Detroit (2-8)

Cincinnati (2-8) - Prediction: (2-14)

Remaining Schedule: NY Jets, NO, PIT, SD, BAL, CLE


Cincinnati is a team that could win a few games at the end of the season as guys know they will be playing for their jobs.  However their remaining schedule is brutal. Saints, Jets, Steelers, Chargers, and the Ravens are the hard games.  The Browns are their “easy” game and the Browns are on the brink of being a very good team behind Peyton Hillis and a very good defense.  I think the Bengals lose out. Cincy will likely end up having the number two pick.  They may be tempted to take a QB, but could go for a defensive player.

Buffalo (2-8) - Prediction (4-12)

Remaining Schedule: PIT, NE, NY Jets, MIN, CLE, MIA


Buffalo  has won its last two games, but they have been against weaker opponents in Detroit and Cincinnati.  All that did was move them down in the picking order.  They have three games that they likely won’t win Pittsburgh, New England, New York Jets.  The other three are winnable in Minnesota, Cleveland, Miami, but not easy.  With their new offensive prowess they probably win two more games against either Miami, Minnesota, or Cleveland.  This is the first team that desperately would want to draft a QB.  They may have to trade up to the number one or number two pick to grab their guy.

Detroit (2-8) - Prediction (4-12)

Remaining Schedule:  NE, CHI, GB, @TB, @MIA, MIN


Detroit is a team that has been in every game this year except two, and will probably pull out a couple of wins against teams that underestimate them.  They could beat Chicago, Tampa, Miami, and Minnesota.  This team will likely be looking at an OT to help protect Stafford who has already been knocked out for long periods of time in his first two seasons.


Picks 5-10

The 3-7 teams will start to separate over the next couple of weeks.  Dallas and Cleveland are the teams that have been playing much better and could get as many as four more wins regardless of their schedule.  Minnesota is a team that may start to pick it up as well with the coach Favre leading the way.  That leaves San Francisco, Arizona, and Denver for the fifth spot.  Denver has already lost head to head against San Francisco so if all records are tied Denver gets the higher pick.  Denver also faces Arizona in a couple of weeks.  That game will likely decide who gets the fifth pick.  However, Arizona has the easiest schedule of the six 3-7 teams.   It may not matter if Denver beats Arizona because we could still end up with a  worse record.

Denver (3-7), Arizona (3-7), Dallas (3-7), Minnesota (3-7), San Francisco (3-7), Cleveland (3-7)


Denver (3-7) Prediction (5-11)

Remaining Schedule:  ST L, @KC,@ ARI, @ Oak, HOU,SD

Denver probably beats Arizona.  Though Denver has only won one road game this year.  The remaining games on the schedule I am not so sure about. St Louis is playing much better than a year ago and they were able to beat San Diego, but all of their wins have come at home.  So I give Denver a win against St Louis.  Kansas City and Oakland seem like good bets for losses with Denver’s road record.  Houston can outscore Denver and San Diego may still have something to play for in Week 17.  So I can only see two more wins for the Broncs.  One home win and one road win.

Arizona (3-7) - Prediction (6-10)

Remaining Schedule:  SF, ST L, DEN, @CAR, DAL, @SF

The Cards have the easiest schedule of the 3-7 teams.  They get to play four out of six games at home and a road game against Carolina. This team has some spunk in it and can pull off an upset against teams like the Saints.  Zona should get two wins at home and maybe three against the 49ers, the Rams, and Broncos who could be starting Tim Tebow due to being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  They should get the win against the Panthers.  So the Cards may be able to pull off four wins in their last six.  Take it back a notch and the end up with 6.

Dallas (3-7)-  Prediction(7-9)

Remaining Schedule:  NO, @IND, PHI, WAS, @ARI, @PHI

The Boys are back and playing like they care even though they would have to win out to make a wild card.  However, their schedule would indicate even playing well.  If they can win at home against the Saints and the Redskins they probably can beat Arizona to get at least three wins to finish out the season.  I think Dallas is playing well enough to get to 6-10 and may even get one of their games against Philly at home.


Minnesota (3-7) Prediction (6-10)

Remaining Schedule:  @WAS, BUF, NYG, CHI, @PHI, @DET

The season is done for Minnesota.  A return to the playoffs is all but impossible and Favre may start to feel that the dream of a second championship is gone.  Though this team has a lot of talent and a few easy matchups they should win three of their last six against Washington, Buffalo, and Detroit.  That would give them six wins and a top ten pick.  If Favre gets benched before the end of the season than make it only one more win.

San Francisco (3-7) Prediction (5-11)

Remaining Schedule:  @ARI, @GB, SEA, @SD, @STL, ARI

The Niners have a fairly soft schedule, but most of it is on the road.  Even if they beat the Cards they have a three game stretch that will kill their spirit starting with a road game in Green Bay and ending with a road game in San Diego.  San Fran probably only gets two more wins.  They split with Zona and pick up an upset win somewhere in their four other games.


Cleveland (3-7) Prediction (7-9)

Remaining Schedule:  CAR, @MIA, @BUF, @CIN, BAL, PIT

The Browns have been a pretty scrappy team and have a not so bad schedule. They beat New England like a red headed step child and will do so to any team that underestimates them.  They will beat and trash Carolina, Miami, and Buffalo.  They can also win two of their last three against divisional opponents.  The Browns won’t have a top 10 pick.


Possible Finishes

  1. Carolina (1-9) Prediction: (1-15)
  2. Cincinnati (2-8) - Prediction: (2-14)
  3. Buffalo (2-8) - Prediction (4-12)
  4. Detroit (2-8) - Prediction (4-12)
  5. Denver (3-7) Prediction (5-11)
  6. San Francisco (3-7) Prediction (5-11)
  7. Minnesota (3-7) Prediction (6-10)
  8. Arizona (3-7) - Prediction (6-10)
  9. Dallas (3-7)-  Prediction(7-9)
  10. Cleveland (3-7) Prediction (7-9)

I still think Denver could finish at 6-10 which would put them in pick 6-8.  They would have to win a game they haven't shown the ability to.  Still 6-10 may be a safer bet.   That isn't a bad thing as their are three legit 3-4 DE that are top 10 picks in Dareus, Fairley, and Paea.  An outside passrusher would be nice as well with Quinn or Bowers (Ayers is good against the run, but doesn't have the speed to get to the QB).  A top 5 pick would assure that we get the top Pass Rusher or five tech DE that we desperately need.

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