The No Bull Review: Denver Vs San Diego

I'm sick of this team losing in such a non competitive way.  I can stomach loses like what we had vs the least we were in that game.  I think this game was pathetic.  I do have a couple talking points, but I don't want to go too deep as there is enough funk around the site already without me stinking it up I'll try to keep it positive.

  • Offensively we started out with a great game plan...just the way I've been wanting McD to call it...we had SD on their heels, but then everything became tame, predictable, and when it wasn't the execution lacked on the field.  Bubble screen when the CB is playing only 4 yards off the WR?  Really?  How is that supposed to work?  Needless to say Josh has some work to do on his offense still.
  • Defensively we were pathetic in every area at different times.  The consistent lack of performance came from our line play.  We FAILED to get pressure at all on Phillip Rivers.  I still have no clue why we were playing so much zone coverage and rushing 4 men tops.  Man up and bring the least that way we don't give them time to pick us apart.  I am not impressed with Wink's preparation or play calling this game at all.
  • Tough, smart, and big...we are only 1 of those 3 things that Josh wants for our team...and it is something you can't coach. 


  • Props to Moreno.  He showed again how he leaves it out on the field.  He was grinding for every inch and I loved it.  Way to play kid.
  • I'm with Boydy on jumping off the Orton bandwagon.  I keep thinking back to my end of season review that I did earlier this year and I come back to this thought about Orton:  He doesn't have "it".  When the chips are down, the guy can't put the team on his shoulders and get us back in it.  His lack of mobility and play extending is killing us when the line doesn't hold up.  If I were any team, I'd blitz every play and make Orton try to adjust...he won't keep throwing for 300 yards if they do because he'll eat sack after sack.  I think he is a good QB, but I was wrong earlier this season about him being a top 10 QB...he isn't.  He won't be.
  • The O-line played like crap.  I just hope we stick with the same line up and get them experience.  Clady especially looked like junk out there...I hope he is fighting through an injury because if he isn't, then he's taken like 3 steps backwards.


  • If we are going to stick with the 3 - 4, we have GOT to address the front 7 and do so this off season.  I don't think DJ needs to stay anymore...I don't think anyone on our line except Bannan and Williams is off limits to be dropped or traded.  Vickerson does look like a good rotational guy, but I think we can get a better starter...
  • The secondary starts straight up needs blown up.  Unless Baily wants to play saftey next year, he can walk.  I've seen too many plays with him dogging it lately.  I don't care if we are losing a your fing job punk.  Enough with the old guys holding down the fort...there is no fort to hold down.  We have no pass rush, and their age is getting exposed.

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