The Good, Bad, & Ugly Wk 12 vs Rams + Poll

Quick Summary; [just my opinion]

First things first, the Broncos need their Fans to stand tall and proud the old fashion way by wearing solid ORANGE for the remaining 2 home games. I think we need to show the players, coaching staff, and owner Pat Bowlen just how strong the Bronco Nation can be and it starts with the Fans wearing ORANGE again and rooting for our team.

The game yesterday was a roller coaster ride with many highs and lows. The fourth quarter effort was over the top in my opinion. I found myself rooting with enthusiasm again. They were playing hard and with some passion that I hope carry's over to the remaining 5 games, it was great to see them playing hard to the very end. It made me realize as a fan I needed to do the same we have 5-games left and our team needs our support more than ever. We as fans must also adjust and change our attitude, said another way; "it is what it is" "that's life". Now let's get behind our team!

I'm not going to comment on what the organization needs to do I think we all know changes need to be made for the good of the team. I still believe in Josh McDaniels and want him to implement his plan by finishing his contract. He brings an exciting brand of football and I want him to develop it here in Denver. I think Mr. Bowlen needs to take responsibility and give him better support in the front office with experienced & professional football people especially at the GM level. We need a GM who has the know how to assist, teach, and help guide McDaniels.

We're in a unique position as spoilers - unique because it's been a long time since we've been in this position so thats what we have in our path a chance to show the football world we're fighters to the end, and the best Fans in the NFL. Starting next week we have 3-straight road games Chiefs, Cardinals, and Raiders. Than two home games against Texans, and Chargers. I would like to suggest everyone wear ORANGE for the remaining 2 home games show the team we're behind them. I'll be wearing ORANGE in SoCal

The Good:

1. The team fought & played hard to the end.

2. Finally discovered how good Eddie Royal can be down field

3. Eric Decker finally discovered why they drafted him need I say more 2 for 2

4. Side bar Sharp & Terrell semifinalist for HOF vote at

The Bad:

1. Rediculous gave up 428 yds to Rams

2. Rediculous giving up 36pts to Rams

3. Rediculous T.O.P 34:17 Rams - 25:43 Broncos = 8:74

The Ugly:

1. Peyton Hillis 131 yds rushing, 3 TD's

2. Jay Cutler 4 TD's, zero INT's

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