The Blame Game

I am enjoying the blame game.  Everyone is playing it.  Shanny's fault.  Cutler couldn't play nice.  Marshall being Marshall.  It goes on and on and we're all really trying to get a handle of our team.  Its obvious we're on a decline dating back to a 2-8 finish in 2009 and a 2-6 start in 2010.  So what are the real issues at hand?  I mean it can't always come down to the players?  Can it? 

I look at Chicago and I laugh because that's a regime that will be turned upside down and so will Cutler's legacy.  Those fans will look forward to a season filled w/hope considering who takes over.  Depending on how that OL is addressed and who replaces Martz (that offense is not built for November-plus weather).  Just poor calculated risks but hey we got a great deal!

Marshall may not be the headliner down in Miami but he's in a winning environment, back at his home state, and doing what he loves most which is playing football (we seem to have forgotten that his payday hasn't been an issue and there are more distractions at South Beach). 

Alphonso Smith is doing great under Schwartz and always respected him as a DC during his time at Tennesee and believed he'd be the guy to turn that Detroit franchise around.  May not look it in the standings but they've been very competitive and even beaten the Broncos a few seasons back (whether he was coaching is something I'm not aware of).

Peyton Hillis.  They sure love him in Cleveland and what better athlete w/grit and pride to tote that rock in that rugged AFC North Division than he?  He may not chug 100+ yards every contest but defenses will know they were in a fight as long as he runs the ball.  Whether Holmgrem sticks w/Mangini and McCoy develops is another thing.

Here is a link to our current coaching staff: (courtesy of  Now most websites categorize the staff as "Coaches" but in Denver we're "Football Operations".  Think some people just love titles so lets look into some of our staff.

Originally was going to copy paste a few of our staff to make a point but its underwhelming some of the actual body of work.  Sure I'm not football head coach but for the last 15 years Denver was known for OL play and running the ball which all of a sudden is a mystery. 

If I blame anyone its myself.  I've grown churning out expectations of mediocrity and playoffs but we sure were competitve.  Think I'd settle for that but I think success starts not just from the man up top but the people they surround themselves with.  Just hate to think our team is being run like "The Office".  Who really knows?

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