Knee Jerk Respones: Firing McD & Other Insanities

I know there is still a contingent here at MHR that doesn’t want Josh McDaniels to be fired or at least is on the fence about it.  But it’s obvious that most of Broncos Country - whether in Colorado or Abroad - wants McDaniels fired ASAP.  ‘Sooner the better’, they say.  ‘He’s a pariah and a liar’, they retort.

Look, I get a lot of these arguments.  McSpygate is a black eye.  The 3-8 record so far this year is bad (we’ll just overlook that little fact that the overall record is 11-18 - certainly not great but also not end of the world/apocalyptic, either).  Consumer confidence in the Broncos is low, there’s no other way to spin it.  But.....I hope Broncos fans everywhere can take a few steps back, take a few deep breaths in, and consider what it would mean for the future if McDaniels is fired and a whole new regime is brought in for next year. 

Let’s start here.  Many of the names that are floating around include John Gruden and Bill Cowher.  Do people seriously consider these to be two viable candidates?  Gruden has a below average record since winning his Super Bowl.  From 2003-2008 his winning % is .469 - hardly stellar.  Is that who fans want for the next coach?  As to Cowher, he’s criticizing the Broncos every other week so it’s hard to see him want to coach them.  It would also remain to be seen IF he even wants to coach again but if he does, Carolina is often mentioned.  So the question remains:  Who do you guys want to save the franchise?  The next Todd Haley is out there in waiting, I’m sure.  That’d be a great option (sarcasm in case you missed it).

As to a GM, I’ll leave that one alone.  I personally believe the organization does indeed need a strong, experienced General Manager who has a proven track record (sorry Elway).  Let McD coach.  Let him be judged solely on his coaching ability.  I truly believe he will be a great coach, if just given enough time and isn’t burdened by other duties.

Cleaning House
It’s highly probable that a new coach/new regime will want to clean house in much the same way McD did with the Shanahan system.  It’s only fair, they want their own players for their own system.  So are fans really ready for another large roster turnover?  Ready for the uncertainty?  And which veteran free agents are out there that are going to come in, gel, and save the franchise?  What about Orton?  Or Tebow?  Will the new coaching staff believe in Tim Tebow and give him a chance or will another high round draft pick be wasted?

New System
Do fans care that there will be another learning curve?  Just think back to what we’ve endured for the last two years concerning the learning curve (and still are enduring - see also Offensive Line).  Are fans really willing to wait for another two years before the players finally start producing and feeling comfortable with their new system?  Are you gonna boo the next player in preseason when he's still learning in much the same way you booed Kyle Orton in his first year?

I’ll stop there.  I think there are many, many more questions that can be asked that fans just don’t have the answers for and more importantly, haven’t even considered and chewed on.  So many are lost in their hatred for all things Josh McDaniels and can do nothing but stomp around in a zombie rage.  Are these tryouts for The Walking Dead auditions?  I have no idea.  All I know is that so many fans anymore are knee-jerk, over-reactionary and impatient.  Group Think seems to be easier than thinking about the other “what ifs”.  I suspect much of this is due to a society in general that thrives on instant gratification, but that is an entirely different subject.

Thanks for hearing my thoughts/rants my fellow Broncos enthusiasts.  This post isn’t meant to disparage, but rather to get folks to take a deep breath and consider the future - both short and long term.


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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