22 Talents

Can you name ONE player in the NFL right now that would turn the broncos into a Superbowl contender?

Brandon Marshall- 588 yards 1 td

Brandon Lloyd- 878 yards 4td

Jay Cutler 1483 yards 7td, 7 int

Kyle Orton 2509 yards 12 td, 5int

Peyton Hillis 460 yards 5td

Alphonso Smith 4int, 1 td

       With all this talk this week about why would should go after Randy Moss and how we should go get Shawne Merriman I decided to rant about how this team will not be fixed by ANY one player in this league; yes even Manning himself could not lead us to the promise land now right now.

     The past two offseasons we have moved two "superstars" for high draft picks and the entire nfl came down on the Broncos franchise. Are they laughing now? Yesterday all of Miami was calling for Moss to come save them because they don't have a down field threat? We told you! Marshall is not a deep threat he's a possession receiver who has dropping issues. I'm not telling you Marshall isint a great wide receiver, he is, but he was not worth the cash or the headaches. Fast forward to today, where a Chicago writer preaches trading for Donovan McNabb next year! Ready to give up on Cutler already? I thought this guy was taking da Bears all the way?

      On the other hand, look at what Alphonso Smith and Peyton Hillis are doing for their teams. You think they're laughing at us now? Gronkowski has finally given us a catching TE and Quinn is poised to take over for Orton next year... not!

My point is that we need to look past the questionable trades that the Broncos have made over the past 2 years because some have been great and some have been well simply pathetic. This teams problem for the past several years has been lack of talent throughout the whole team. Every year it seems that we have positions where players are simply not talented enough and are holding back this team. Lets take a run down of our starting 11s. I evaluated each player based on their talent compared to the other 31 teams starting players at that position. Please keep in mind I am assesing their talent as of today not from a year from now.

QB- Kyle Orton- talent

HB- Knowshown Moreno- talent

WR- Brandon Lloyd- talent

WR- Eddie Royal- talent

TE- Daniel Graham- lack of talent

LT- Clady- talent

LG- Hochstein- Lack of talent

C- Walton- Lack of Talent

RG- Kuper- Talent

RT-Beadles- Talent

FB- Larsen- Lack of talent


LDE- Vickerson- lack of talent

NT- Williams- talent

RDE- Bannan- lack of talent

OLB-Hunter- lack of talent

RILB- Williams- talent

LILB- Haggan- talent

OLB- Ayers- talent

SS- Hill- lack of talent

FS- Dawkins- talent

CB- Bailey- talent

CB- Goodman- lack of talent

        Whether you agree or not, we lack talent in at least 8 starting positions on the field. This has been the case for the past several years. I am tired of seeing great players on our team playing with guys who should not be starting in this league. I hate to be harsh and trust me I am not questioning their effort but the Broncos are not winning because they are lacking in one area that goes a long way in this game. Talent.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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