With the way Denver has been playing, I believe that the 2010-11 season has lost its potential for a Broncos' playoff berth.  Just because Denver will most likely not enter the playoffs, does not mean that we cannot look for improvement and set certain goals for the team.  Each NFL team has sixteen games, so the season can be sliced into four quarters for each team.  Denver went 2-2 in the first quarter of the season; through the second: 0-4.  With eight games left, half of the season, I want to set a few goals for the team - or at least show what I want to see from Denver.


After the bye week, Denver hosts Kansas City to commence the third quarter of the season.  Next comes a road game in San Diego; followed by another home game, this time, against the St. Louis Rams.  To close out the third quarter of their schedule, Denver plays on the road, in Kansas City. 

With Denver coming off of a bye week and playing at home, I think it is fair to, not expect, but believe that they have the upper hand.  Kansas City does come into the game on a roll, but Denver put up a good fight at home against the New York Jets who are currently 5-2 and in second place in the AFC East Division.  If Denver plays like they did against the New York Jets, they will win the game; I am going to count this game as a win.

After the Chiefs, comes the road game at San Diego.  The Chargers are off to their usual slow start, but this time, they might be in a division where the leader stays strong down the stretch.  From what I have seen and heard about this 2010 Chargers' squad, I have concluded that they are like the Dallas Cowboys of the AFC: they make a lot of mistakes.  

Despite this, I am not going to count this game as a win.  San Diego won their matchup last week against the Tennessee Titans and are playing a road game in Houston this week.  Playing a division rival on the road is never easy; I believe that Denver will play well, but will ultimately fall short in this game.

Then comes St. Louis.  The Rams have been uncharacteristically good this season, so Denver cannot afford to let up in this game (they cannot afford to let up in any games).  However, I think that it is fair to expect Denver to beat the Rams. 

To end the third quarter of the season, Denver goes on the road to play Kansas City.  Playing a team twice in less than four weeks is (like playing a road divisional game) not easy to do.  Denver almost never plays well in Kansas City, however, I still believe that they will play a good game.  I almost feel obliged to give Denver this loss.

If Denver passes my expectations for the third quarter of the season, they will be 2-2 through this stretch.  That is what I am asking of this team: 2-2.  Five-hundred football.  Win your games that you play at home and put up a good fight on road games.  Denver's record would be 4-8, but hey, things could be a lot worse.  I know it's hard to "count" games as a win now, but these are my expectations.    

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