I'm Frustrated, but Vigilant, Always Hopeful

I'll admit that after the Broncos-Titans game, I was elated the Broncos were at 2-2, thinking we still had a shot at a successful season.


After four consecutive losses, I still feel we can be successful this season.


Perhaps I've been sniffing some of the orange and blue shoe polish or found some interesting Bronco chronic disguised as Pringles, but I still believe.


Of course, I've had no choice but to temper my enthusiasm and expectations somewhat which ALWAYS sucks but as most of us who are 28 or older know, upon entering the workforce and preparing for life's challenges, life is rife with disappointments. Nevertheless, success always comes to the diligent and vigilant.


The same is true for the Broncos.


I never want to say my team sucks and perhaps they do, but we've had chances in all of our games this season with the exception of Baltimore and Oakland,, (speaking of the Faiders, God curse their crooked souls, but they have been the beneficiary of some jacked-up bounces this season, especially in the Seahawks game, haven't they?)




Even the lackluster Niners got some gifts from the football gods last week, as all of us who could stomach the TIVO last week found out.


Nevertheless, notwithstanding injuries, bad luck and (yes, I have to admit it) some talent deficiencies, we still generally compete every week and I admire that.


There are still five divisional games and while most of us think we're out of the mix, fortune favors the bold, so I hope we come out and stomp the Queefs for what it's worth.


If not, however, I'll still remain loyal, knowing that most of my fellow fans in this proud fanbase don't wear silicon and Armor All on their bodies as those tools in Oaktown do or wear chieftain headdresses and engage in some nonsensical chant or even get blacked out every week when they're still in contention which those Dolts tend to do.


I know there are deficiencies, but let's just compete and see what happens.


I trust McDaniels won't roll over nor should he.


If we keep fighting to the end, even if our record still sucks, I'll hope and pray for football in 2011 (I do believe there will be!) and a better Broncos team.


Just remember, fools and tools will mock but the Broncos will make them mourn as there are more Lombardis to add to our archives in the future, hopefully not too distant.


We've been through dark times before, but bright days will return sooner rather than later.


In short, I'm happy to be with a bunch of fans who have class and integrity and aren't stupid enough to cheer for another AFC West team.



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