Kansas City and the rest...

       Denver has gotten off the a horrible start. In fact it is completely opposite of last year(6-2 and 2-6). Know if Denver could go on a run and win 6 of there last 8, I think most people, not just use, would think Denver has turned it around a could have some chance in the playoffs, or next year. First things first we need to start winning on Sunday. We have to PROTECT the HOUSE!!!

       After the Jump I'll go over Kansas City and the rest of the schedule.

      We have 8 games left to prove that we belong in the playoffs. We have 4 games at home where we are 1-3 currently. We have 5 games against AFC West rivals. We control our own way. We can either move forward from here or we can lay down a take that top 5 pick next year. Ya, I know a top 5 pick is nice, but the playoffs, even a 1-and-done playoff would go a long way for this team. We would re-establish ourselves as a team past re-building, and a contender for next year. So put on the pads. Tie up those cleats. Snap on the chin strap and lets get it done.

     Since our bye week last year we have gone 4-14. 2-7 at home. 1-4 against the AFC West. That needs to stop know. We should be owning this division. We should be dominating at home. We need to buck it up and win some mfg's. Kansas City came in here last year and ran all over us. We couldn't stop them. Did you know prior to that game we had won 8 straight at home against the Cheifs? Beating them by an average score of 29-15. Also eclipsing the 30 point make 5 of the 8 times. Also holding KC under 20 points 5 of the 8 times. In fact the closest game was in 2006 when we beat them 9-6. Wow exciting football there. Know KC can be beat. A few points to make on the Chiefs

  1. They are currently 1-3 on the road this year, thanks Raiders. 
  2. They're currently 2-2 when there commit a turnover and 1-2 on the road. 
  3.  They're 0-2 on the road when there allow 100 yards rushing. 
  4.  They're 0-2 when there give up more then 20 points on the road this year. 
  5.  They're 0-2 when there allow more then 20 1st downs on the road.

    So, this is not a can't win game. In fact we should be able to when if we can:

  1. TAKE BACK MILE HIGH!!! We need a home crowd advantage. We need to run there butts off and make them beg for oxygen.
  2. Force KC to make some mistakes. And then capitalize on them. Score some points off turnover. Get a pick 6 somebody.Put pressure on Cassel to win the game and he wouldn't. Stop the run and force Cassel to beat us. Knock some heads. Hit them hard...then hit them harder. Force a fumble and pick it up or at least fall on it.
  3. Run the ball effectively. We need to run the ball with consistency. Don't just drop back and throw the ball all day long. Mix in some running. Knowshon is a 1st round pick and it's about time he showed it. 
  4. Clog the lanes on D. Stop the run and the rest will be fine. Put Champ on Bowe and shut him down. Have Haggen chip Moeaki at the line of scrimmage. Keep them out of the red zone. Keep them out of the end zone. We have given up 13 of our 14 rushing touchdowns in the last 4 weeks.
  5. Control the clock and keep moving the chains. I agree with John when he says we need  15 minutes of solid, hard-nosed, tough-ass football.

     Know if we can come up with a win here next Sunday we lay tracks and booket for the playoffs before they slip us by. We have 4 more division games (at SD, at KC, at Oakland, and SD). We need to win at least 2 of the 3 games on the road. My money would be on SD and Oakland. KC is just so tough to play in December. We have 2 other homes games( St. Louis, and Houston). St. Louis should be a win. St. Louis is currently 0-3 on the road. In all 3 games the have had at least 1 TO and scored less then 20 points. If you rush for a 100 yards and a TO free there are 0-2 in those games. Houston is a tough team to figure out. Good 1 week...bad the next. Currently 2-1 on the road. Hold them down under 24 points and there 0-1. Cause at least 1 TO, hold them to under 140 yards rushing, and rush for more then 100 you self and there are 1-1. We should be able to beat them at home...I hope. The last game is a away game. Arizona is the tell of 2 teams. At home there are 2-1 and averaging 29 points a game, but on the road there are 1-4 and averaging just under half at 14 points a game. Probable a loss, but we will see.

     So there you have it. We are currently 2-6. We could finish 6-2. 3 straight starting this weekend, followed by 2 losses on the road and finished with 3 wins to sneak into the playoffs as AFC West champs. Its my dream just let me life it! GO BRONCOS!!! 8-8 AGAIN!!! 

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