The Broncos and the bye week under coach McD

Last year as we all remember Our beloved Denver Broncos entered the bye week at 
an astounding 6-0 under rookie Head Coach Josh McDaniels. Comparisons were being
made to the Broncos teams who reached Super Bowls that started 6-0. All was well
in Broncos Country. Undefeated heading into the bye with a chance to rest and
get ready for the 10 game push toward Home-field advantage.

Since that bye week last year a lot has changed. Our Broncos finished the 2009
campaign at 2-8 and started the 2010 season at 2-6. Now Josh McDaniels heads out
of his second bye week as coach of the Denver Broncos...the last time our team
did a complete 180 out of the bye week and its time to accomplish the same feat
this week.

A pivotal divisional battle awaits at Mile High when the hated KC Chiefs come
into town...fresh off of two grueling overtime contests. This is a great
opportunity for the Broncos and the fans to restore the luster and home field
advantage we all know we should have. And this is how it will be done...

1) Denver establishing a running game early and sticking with it...this will be 
done by increased discipline by the offensive line in crucial situations
throughout drives. Many times I have seen McD try to establish a run game, only
to have a costly false start or holding penalty put the team into a must-throw
2) Jason Hunter will be a huge part of our success in containing Jamall
Charles...a task that has proved to be a tall order for the Broncos. Hunter was
phenomenal in containing the edge vs. Chris Johnson and he will need to be just
as stout this Sunday.
3) Special Teams- The Chiefs do not have enough balance in my opinion to sustain
long drives. If Denver can force the Chiefs to drive 80 yds on a consistent
basis I think our D can step up enough to hold KC out of the endzone Sunday.
Matt Praters leg will be crucial, he must kick for touchbacks And limit the
Chiefs Explosive ST opportunities.
4) As always, the turnover battle must not be lost...turnovers will create short
fields which cannot hapen
5) Fast start- we all have had to endure the pain and ugliness that has been the
first quarter of the majority of Broncos games this year...with two weeks to
prepare for the Chiefs, look for an aggressive start by McD in the offensive
playcalling...maybe even a Tebow pass!

Prediction: Broncos 37 Chiefs 16

Yes, my cupboard has been restocked full of the Orange and Blue Kool-aid and
there's enough to last the rest of the season! Go Broncos!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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