What's a Fan to do?

The season in many ways has been a cathartic one for me.  I looked up cathartic.  The phrase that stuck in my head as I read the definition was 'an emptying of the bowels'.  This is appropriate because it works on a number of levels.  Number two especially.  However, one that might surprise some people for NOT being one of the 'levels' is player performance. 

When you read 'an emptying of the bowels' perhaps you pictured, as did I, the field at Mile High and some giant, clad in orange and blue, helmet on top, approaching the stadium.  Our metaphorical giant then proceeds to hunker down over the stadium for a peaceful movement.  And perhaps this image flashed through my head because it does seem to capture something about our season to date.  The image occurred to me but no sooner did it enter my mind than I rejected it.  At least as a metaphor of player performance.


Through eight games, D.J. Williams is out Patrick Willis-ing Patrick Willis.  Kyle Orton has been a model of hard work and where it can take you.  Brandon Lloyd catches everything that is thrown at him, over him, under him, behind him.  Knowshon Moreno, though sidetracked a bit by injury so far, has been an honest spark and a much needed source of enthusiasm.  Eddie Royal looks like he spent all off-season in the weight room and Brian Dawkins is Brian Dawkins.  (I agree with Nick Cast that if Dawk had been drafted a Bronco he would vie with Elway as my all-time favorite Bronco.) 


But we're 2 and 6.  Peyton Hillis and Alphonso Smith (he's second in the league right now in interceptions, as if I needed to tell you that) only needed a one way ticket out of Denver to turn into pro-bowlers.  The debacle against Oakland.  I shouldn't say against.  I should say, at the hands of


Too many bad things and too little time.  At a time, now, when the league is very competitive, at a time when every team is competing.  Just ask the Bills’ opponents to date.  (I hear you all yell ‘THE DALLAS COWBOYS’ but they’re not a team.)  Josh McDaniels has come in and tried to turn the entire organization around in a matter of months.  And he’s done some things right.  But no coach is perfect.  And only one team every year ends their season with a Super Bowl Victory.    


So what's a fan to do?


Well, a fan should be a FAN.  Not a critic.  Not a hot-headed knee-jerk reaction looking for an opening.  A FAN.  


That's what I am.  


That's how I had to comfort myself after the loss to Oakland.  That’s where the catharsis came in.  I was bruised and beaten and all I had left was this one little fact to hold on to.


I love the Denver Broncos.  Not the Colts.  Not the Patriots.  Not the Saints and especially not the Raiders.




And the only thing I am really upset about this season is that I have to yell that out loud at my screen on Sundays in Poland, and not in the stands, not from the top of my lungs, not as a hell-raising blood-curdling ear-piercing sibilant shriek, issued from a mass of orange, a mass of FANS, a unit of supporters from right there in the heart of Denver, cheering on our Broncos together, every step of the way. 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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