Enough of the ran out of town already

I have been reading MHR for a while but this is my first post. Now to get it out of the way, I liked Mcd, and I think, like most of his players, that the guy can coach. I do not however think the Broncos made a wrong choice in firing him. I don't know if it was the right choice, what they do next will decide that. What I am sick of hearing, from major media outlets and fans, is how Mcdaniels made personell blunders with Cutler, Marshal, Shcheffler, Smith, and Hillis. 

For the easy ones

Two qbs. you choose who you want. 

QB 1

Yards 2545,  TDs 17  INT 10  Rating 92.8, Salary 5yr/$49.7 mil

QB 2

Yards 3487, TDs 20, INT 6, Rating 93, salary 2yr/ $11.6 mil


Now what if I told you that QB1 comes with an additional 5th round pick, and QB 2 comes with two 1st round picks and a 3rd.

Who here is saying "Dude, easy, QB1 is way better" yet that is what the media and many fans keep saying (in case you haven't figured out by now, QB1 is Cutler and 2 is Orton). I give this a smart trade by the Broncos 


Next one


Yards 693, TDs 1, 20+ yard rec 7, Salary 4yrs/ $47 mil



Yards 1153, TDs 9, 20+ yard rec 20. Salary 2yrs/ 2.05mil


WR 2 also gets 2 2nd round picks.


Once again, I dare someone to say that WR1, even without the draft picks, is the best man for the job. And then you take the salary too, no thank you. I know Lloyd and Marshal weren't traded for each other, but Lloyd has taken the position vacated by Marshal.


Now, Scheffler has talent as a receiving TE, but was not known for his blocking, something that is obviously important with TE in a system that mainly features single back formations. Scheffler was also very discontented in Denver, playing in a system that did not feature a receiving TE. He was actually a bigger weapon last year then he has been this year for the lions, which tells me he was a bit of a non factor. 


As for Smith, he would not have been in our top two ( though i bet if Denver knew Goodman would be more of a cheerleader this year then a player they would have kept him) and I don't know if he would have beaten out Cox. He was being paid first round money, He is better then Jones, but a defense that is questionable doesn't really have room for a feast or famine dime back, plus Jones was also playing safety meaning the Broncos could keep one less DB and keep one more LB or RB since those two positions were dropping like flies in the preseason.  The Broncos also moved up in the later rounds of the draft with the trade. Gronkowski has seen decent playing time, and has been a number 2 TE for many games. I don't love this trade, but I don't hate it.


And the big one, Hillis. I love Hillis, I asked my wife for a Hillis jersey, I was sad to see Hillis go, but Hillis was considered a backup in Cleveland for most the preseason, and in Denver, what do you think the chances are that Hillis would have started over a healthy Moreno (who is a beast when he is on the field). At the time of the trade, the Broncos had no solid backup to Orton, and had an opportunity to get a first round draft pick with plenty of starting experience. Trading a #2 or 3 running back for a guy who can push for the starting job. (The broncos did trade a 6th round pick and a conditional pick in '12 which won't amount to much.) Quinn is still the shell shocked QB unfortunately, but his pick up has shoved Orton to a new level. Hillis has had a breakout year for Hillis, accumulating his first 100+ yard rushing games, but can anyone really say they think if Hillis was running for the Broncos he would have dominated early in the year. No, he would have averaged around 2.5 yards a carry too, that's just where we were.

Last 4 games comparison

Moreno Rushing - 381, Receiving 188

Hillis Rushing - 318, Receiving 207


Do I think Mcdaniels has made some poor moves, heck yes, Quinn (the TE), drafting Smith in Round 1, signing Green, somehow losing production out of Eddie Royal and losing Josh Barrett to the pats ( I like barrett, can't really explain it, liked him in college, like him now) Make those arguments for Mcd being bad with personel. By the way, all his shuffling has left us with 6 picks in this draft.

1st round - 1

2nd round - 2 

3rd rnd - 1

6th round - 1

7th rnd - 1


Lets go Studsville..... oh wait Studesville, can't wait to get a personnel guy.

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