What Head Coaching Jobs Are Better?

Adam Schefter repeated a silly idea today in an ESPN chat that the Broncos job is just not that desirable anymore and given the other openings out there, the top tier coaches will choose elsewhere?  I get that our franchise has fallen on hard times but who are these franchises that will have HC openings this off-season that will be so much better than Denver?  Many here have covered already that we do have a good amount of promising young talent in our O-line, RB, and WR corps.  We also have a rabid fan base and an owner who wants to win and will spend money when needed.  Here are the teams that I think that will have Head Coach openings and would love to hear everyone chime in on which, if any are better than the Broncos job.

1. Panthers: Not unless you are in love with their old defense and their version of Brady Quinn

2. 49ers: Could be appealing but QB situation is a dumpster fire and their offense and defense are both in need of massive talent infusions.  This is a proud franchise like Denver, but they have been in the dumps for over a decade now.

3. Cowboys:  I don't think this job will open up and instead Garrett will get an offer right after the season is over.

4. Vikings: see above with Cowboys, but with Frazier.

5. Buffalo: I think they will keep Gailey but even if they did not this might be the least desirable franchise in the NFL.

6. Cleveland: This is a wild card, as Mangini could easily stay but even if he got the boot, Colt is far from a franchise QB and they are in the same spot they have been for the last decade; still looking to cement their starting QB job.  Given our top pick and better ownership I think the Broncos rank higher.

7. Bengals: Seriously!?  Terrible owner, bad chemistry, horrible history, and its in Ohio. 

So please someone help me understand what all the talking heads (and I usually love Schefter) are talking about when they say the Bronco job is not going to be at the top of anyone's list.  I am sure this will be a common talking point from guys like John Clayton in the coming months but I just don't think it is factually true in any way.

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