Weiss choice for HC of Bronco's


Hire Charlie Weiss as the new head coach of the Broncos.

Why would Bowlen submit to a sentimental favorite such as Kubiak (if Kubiak was fired) it makes no sense. Kubiak had ample time to prove his merits as an NFL head coach and is now the subject or a rumored firing. McDaniel may have exhibited some poor judgement leading to his dismissal but getting rid of Cutler was not McDaniels decision, if  as reported is true. It was reported that this was a decision made by Bowlen because Cutler refused to return calls or even acknowledge attempts by Bowlen and McD to talk or meet with him. Was Cutler upset because he was so insecure and immature that the threat of competition led him to force a trade? Bottom line McD did not get rid of Cutler any more than he got rid of Marshal. Marshal as we all observed forced the situation and the Bronco's got rid of a selfish, no deep threat, possession receiver rather than being bilked out of several million future $. I doubt any of us would personally make a multi-million $ investment in such a high risk and immature person with a multitude of personality and legal question marks.

The essence of my position is to articulate an opinion on McD's replacement. McD for his faults was on the right trac trying to replace malcontents with quality football players and competitive people. If we go to Kubiak and return to the zone blocking scheme it will be, ok lets start all over and suffer another 6 years of frustration. We are all upset with the Broncos defense for the last several years, including all of Shannahan foolish and expensive free agents.

Bowlen should do whatever he can to coax Charlie Weiss from KC. Weiss knows this system, he would look for the same types of talent and he is now familiar with the AFC WEST. Weiss cannot be a very happy camper working as an OC for such an obsessive compulsive HC. Weiss is a proven evaluator of NFL talent and has coached a potent NFL offense while in NE. The lingo would stay the same, the reads for the QB and WR would be very similar and the reconstruction of a more physical OL would continue.

With the numerous coaching changes their will be a plethora of great assistant coaches available. If Bowlen wants a sentimental hire, like many are crying for, it isn't Kubiak, it should be Wade Phillips one of the most popular DC in Bronco history. Phillips has been a phenomenal DC in the NFL, however, he always seems to end up as a HC fails and gets fired. Weiss and Phillips could be a potent coaching combination and would also satisfy the Bronco nostalgia.

Perhaps Mr. Bowlen, as he is now referred to, should  admit that he and Jerry Jones have become so arrogant  and enamored with their power among the NFL owners by profiteering rather than  providing great business leadership and acumen to lead their teams to success on the football field. Two great franchises and now two teams football teams at the bottom of the barrel.

So many are ranting and raving I just wanted to throw out a few ideas and get some reaction.

I just heard the press conference with two sportscasters, one bronco, one cardinal and it was hilarious. Cardinals have an unknown QB and the Bronco situation speaks for itself. It is the acknowledged toilet bowl. The Cards think this is the perfect time to play an unknown QB because Denver has zero pass rush. The Cards are jealous because we have three NFL quality QB's and they don't feel like they have one NFL QB. To top it all off the game is sold out and won't be blackout, the people are upset because the game will be on TV locally. I guess the people of Phoenix would  prefer a better game to watch on TV.

I wonder if Bowlen will be in Phoenix and sit in the owners box.

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