Who can play and who can't.... of course Strictly my opinion

I keep hearing on the radio how devoid of talent we are so I have decided to evaluate every starter and a few back-ups as to where I rate their talent and ability to be productive players in the NFL. I just got done watching the announcement of the college All- American team which is what prompted the position by position approach.

So let's start with the Defensive line:

NT - Jamal Williams has starter talent but simply can't play enough snaps to be considered a full time starter so do we need a nose tackle Yes!  Also Ronald Fields in not an NFL player

DE/DT- Justin Bannan one of my favorite Broncos because he is an over achiever, and he plays very hard all that being said he is not a play maker I don't expect sacks in a 3-4 but I do expect push he is exactly what he was in Baltimore  an excellent back up.

DE/DT- Kevin Vickerson- The most talented of the three starters but not the type of player that demands a double team or pushes O-lineman into the backfield could be the weakest starter or a good back up Ryan McBean is also a quality back-up

My assessment of our D-Line is that it should be our 1st or 2nd priority in this draft and that we have no legitiment starters. It was also McDaniels    error not to address this in the draft trying instead doing it through free agency.  However the 2011 draft is described as having the most defensive line talent of any  draft in the last 10 years (ESPN this morning Todd McShea I think)

OLB- Elvis Doomerville quality starter if he returns healthy excellent pass rusher could be a bit better against the run. 

OLB- Robert Ayers a below average OLB very solid against the run has excellent strength at the point of attack very much below average against the pass.  He is not quick off the ball and has a bull rush only  Ayres would be ok as your weakest starter.

OLB/ILB- Mario Haggen is a quality back up that can play both positions this makes him a keeper as a back up due to his versatility there is a reason he was and always has been a back up he is what he is.

ILB/Mike- D.J. Williams absolutely the most over rated player in Denver Broncos History he could at best be the 4th starter if surrounded by studs but he can not shed blocks he is a terrible blitzer, he is average at  pass coverage and tacles well 5 yds down field.

ILB- Joe Mays is a big hitter and possible future it is too bad he is injured. In Philly they said he got lost too frequently and blew too many calls and coverages

I have said all year since training camp  that the defensive front 7 is the biggest weakness of our team and the one stud that we had missed the entire season  This should be the primary focus of our draft we need dominate athletes at all the positions and currently do not have them.

CB- Champ Baily one of the all time best who can still play I hope we resign him

CB- Perish Cox if he is guilty cut him and throw away the key if he is not guilty he will be a quality starter for the future.

CB- Andre Goodman too old too injury prone say bye-bye

CB-Syd Quan Thompson we will get a good look this Sunday I think he is a ball hawk and has starter talent.

I do not think corner back is a immediate need for the Broncos Cassius Vaughn also has great speed and plays intense.

SS- Brian Dawkins I LOVE YOU MAN but is time to go just the body can no longer follow the will of the mind

FS- Renaldo Hill a back up at best I believe we have two young safeties that are better

Burton and McBath could both be starters in this league but only if they are playing behind a strong front 7 playing behind our current front 7 all of our secondary looks much worse than it is.  What we don't have at safety is a play maker I would rate this as a moderate need in the off-season.

However the defensive front 7 are this teams biggest needs and we have repeatedly tried to address their defensive needs through free agency and it has not worked so please Broncos draft some bad ass beasts on defense.


As depressing as the defense was I believe that the Broncos are very close to having the talent they need to be a playoff team and they are also loaded with quality young players. So here we go.

C-J.D.Walton he has done an adequate job as a rookie starter at the most complicated position on the OL. He will do nothing but get better and we should be set for a long time.

LG- Zane Beadles what a bright spot since inserted at his intended position i project pro-bowls for him in the furture

RG- Chris Kuper a solid NFL starter may be a bit injury prone so we may need a better back up at guard

RT- Ryan Harris is an excellent run blocker and when healthy an solid pass blocker he too can be injury prone and we do not have a quality back-up at tackle he is still not completely healthy..

LT-Ryan Clady pro bowl left tackle do NOT trade him to get the Stanford QB as certain radio personalities whould have us do.

Our current OL is a solid NFL unit now that it is healthy more depth could be added later in the draft or post draft signings

TE- Daniel Graham a local school boy hero and stand up guy but he and Dawkins are done sorry. I think Gronk had some talent Quinn is a complete bust. TE is is our biggest need on offense.

WR- Brandon Lloyd is a stud, Royal a great slot option but somewhat injury prone, Jabar Gaffney should be a quality back up. Erik Decker should start getting Gaffney's snaps, D Thomas has great up side we have no needs a receiver.

FB- Spencer Larsen does all that a full back should do great guy perhaps draft a TE/FB combo in late rounds or get one as and undrafted FA there are lots of this type guy out there unless you are going to use an offense that uses a FB on every down which almost no team in the NFL does.

RB- Knowshon Moreno- I love him when he is healthy he is a quality starter but you need at least 3 RB's who can play in this league they just take too much abuse. None of the back ups are worth mentioning this is our 2nd area of need on offense.  P.S. I think Lance Ball  shows some promise.

QB- Kyle Orton is exactly what he is a fine thrower of the football and good all-a-round guy he is a quality starter on a team with an outstanding defense and good running game.  What he is not is a play maker. He will never create a big play the top QB's in this league create plays.THIS DOES NOT JUST MEAN RUNNING  it can be looking people off side stepping in the pocket making a great audible and yes scrambling  There is a reason he has been an on again off again starter in this league he is dependable not exciting.

Quinn is a Terry Collins type good back up that can start a few games if needed

Tim Tebow I have been screaming to see him play now that we are out of the playoffs I have no idea if he will be great or terrible, but my point is we need to know. depending on what Tebow shows we may need to go after a QB. And yes I think KO is boring however he would not be if we were winning. 

I think Prater is great I hope he is not hurt too badly. Bring in a punter to challenge Colquitt.

So that's who can play and who can't now you mock draft guys fix ths Broncos squad That's my story and I am sticking to it.  GO Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

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