Options for the General Manager and Head Coach of the Denver Broncos

After a lot of time and thought on my part, my opinion is very simple. First off, you must know that I was not a fan of firing Josh McDaniels. That said, it has happened and it is time to move on. I have a few theories on things but I will save my "Conspiracy Theories" for a latter more evidence based post. For now, I want to give my opinion on the Front office and what I think SHOULD happen this off season. Follow me if you dare...

Owner: Pat Bowlen is one of the best owners in sports. It is acknowledged by his peers and those around him. Mr. Bowlen has a reputation for being a fiscally responsible as any owner. The last couple of years this hasn't been true. Mike Shannahan spent a lot of money on free agents, draft picks and coaches that became dead money. Mr. Bowlen decided to cut bait with him and bring in a more fiscally sound team to his front office. He accomplished that and will probably look to continue this. Going forward there are a few things he needs to make happen.

Chief Operating Officer: Currently Joe Ellis occupies this seat. I do not think Joe Ellis has the good of the Broncos at heart and will only do what benefits him more. Joe in my mind wants more power and will not be satisfied where he is. The first step to our off season should be to remove him from his position or relegate him back to the business side of things and keep him out of the football side. So what do I advocate for the C.O.O. position? I think it should be broken up. I think that Joe will be fine for a business side of things as for a football guy, I believe a postion should be created as a Executive of Football Operations. This position would be responsible to Mr. Bowlen in a co-lateral sense as a Executive of Business Operations. So, if we were to keep Joe Ellis I would advocate we move him to the EBO position and bring in John Elway as the EFO. These two would meet with Mr. Bowlen and discuss what goes on with the team. This would alleviate a lot of headaches for Mr. Bowlen as he would have two voices, not one telling him things.

General Manager: This position has been talked about since Mike Shannahan fired Ted Sundquist. We need a strong General Manager. Someone who will work co-laterally with the Head Coach under the EFO. The GM would have control of the Personnel Department to include scouting. Both college and por scouting departments as well as contract negotiations would fall under this job. So who do I want? I liked Ted Sundquist and wouldn't mind bringing him back but understand he may not want to do so. That leaves only one choice in my mind. Bill Callahan. Bill is currently working for the University of Nebraska. He is a football mind and knows what it means to build a winning program. He also knows what it meas to listen to his scouts and help build a quality team. you may not agree but I think Mr. Callahan would be a very good choice.

Head Coach: This one is where I may loose some of you. I want a coach who preaches that all three phases of the game are important. I want a coach who gets the most out of his players every week. I want someone who commands respect, gives respect and fires up his players. So who out there does that? Frank Beamer! Frank is the coach at Virginia Tech. where for years now the Hookies have been a complimentary football team. Frank knows how to recruit as well. Frank also knows what it means to listen to your position coaches and coordinators. He is someone who has direction and uses all opinions around him to make a plan of action. 

Position Coaches/ Coordinators: These coaches are also essential to success. Wink is an excellent position coach but not ready to be a coordinator. I do not at this time a have a group of coaches I would want as position coaches but I think that Ben McDaniels should be retained if he wants to stay. I also think that our offensive line coach and Wayne Nunnley, and Eric Studsville should be retained in their position coach roles. 


That is all I have, feel free to disagree, but if you do I really would like to see your options instead. Thanks and always 



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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