Trying to be optimistic...

So forget 2010 here is my starting lineup for the 2011 Denver Broncos.  This is kind of a dream lineup, I hope we pull a few pieces in trades of Orton and Champ to make this work...

Head Coach: Greg Mattison - Current Def. Coord for the Baltimore Ravens

Offensive Coordinator: David Cutcliffe - Current Head Coach of the Duke Blue Devils

Defensive Coordinator: Wink Martindale (with heavy oversight from Mattison.


QB:  Tim Tebow - Orton showed me today that he is finished in Denver, more on what we can get for him later. 

2nd String QB: Brady Quinn - Forever the backup

#1 RB: Knowshon Moreno - Fumble problem must end NOW.  Would love to see him start a season healthy, what kind of tone can he set?

#2 RB: LaMichael James - Oregon's speedster worth a 2nd round selection

FB: Spencer Larsen - not often used, but serviceable. 

#1 WR: Brandon Lloyd - a consistent stud all year

#2 WR: Bay Bay Thomas - Hoping he is healthy, fast, and ready to emerge

Slot WR: Eddie Royal - Had a good statistical 2010, continues into 2011.

#4 WR: Eric Decker - Going to be Ed McCaffrey's second coming with time.

LT: Clady - look up mammoth in the dictionary and Clady's picture appears.

LG: Beadles - I hope... really hope, he gets a full season of work as an LG.

C: J.D. Walton - Tremendous job as a rookie, should anchor this position for a decade

RG: Davin Joseph - Currently a Buccaneer, realistic possibility to be a Bronco

RT: Matt Light - Ryan Harris is done in Denver, let the bidding war with NE begin.  (I could see a Champ bailey plus a second round pick going to NE for Light).

TE: Bo Scaife and Dan Gronkowski - look up mediocre in the dictionary...

DEFENSE (3-4 allignment presumed)

RE: Big Vick- Not as high quality as I'd like, but as long as he is the weak link this front 7 can go.

NT: Jamal Williams / Jerrell Powe - Williams can't play every down, Powe is a 3rd rounder

LE: Marcell Dareus - Powerful first round pick

Line depth: Marcus Thomas, Justin Bannan, (Powe), maybe a later round rookie

LOLB: Elvis Dumervil - I have missed you so much... Next year he really will make everyone look better

ILB: DJ Williams - Needs a chance to redeem himself with a defense first head coach

ILB: Joe Mays - I want the freight train to be a starter, yeah he will miss assignments sometimes, but that intensity is hard to replace.  (a coach like Mattison will adore him).

ROLB: Robert Ayers - has quietly shown some fine improvement as a linebacker.  with Doom on the opposite side, Ayers will flourish next year.

Linebacker Depth: Mario Haggan, Wesley Woodyard, Jason Hunter, Quan Sturdivant (should be drafted from UNC)

#1 CB: Antonio Chromartie - With Revis and first round pick Wilson on the roster for the long term, Chromartie is the odd man out in New York.  I am fairly certain Champ is involved in a sign and trade to a contender before camps open next off season.  

#2 CB: Perrish Cox - Hate his personal issues, love his football

FS: Darcell McBath - Year 3, show me you belong.

SS: Brian Dawkins / David Bruton - Love Dawk's leadership, hate seeing him age.  2011 is his last hurrah with Bruton inheriting more and more playing time.

Nickel CB: Squid - Only piece on defense that played with any heart today.

DB depth: Dawk, Hill, Vaughn, Jalil Brown (5th round pick from Colorado),


K: Prater

P: Colquitt

KR: Decker

PR: Squid

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