The Good, Bad, and Ugly Wk 14 Vs Cardinals + Poll:

Quick summary [just my opinion]:

Those who don’t learn from their past failures are doomed to repeat them.

Mr. Bowlen, please make your decision quickly and hire a V.P. of Football Operations who has NFL football knowledge and the know-how to implement and turn your failing franchise around. Denver and its Fans deserve better. Joe Ellis, all but admitted McDaniels’ failure had much do with him passing on too much power & expectations, he’s a COO not a football operation man he’s truly ruining this franchise. The Front Office is horrible and needs someone to come in and give it a super-boost. In 24 months under Joe’s leadership your franchise has achieved mediocre results. Not since the early 60’s have I seen so much disarray and disorganization Broncos current front office & coaching staff is a recipe for more inapt failures with Ellis at the helm he was given too much authority and leeway in day to day duties for Mr. Bowlen. I think Broncos need to start Tim Tebow immediately to determine his worth for next season. Kyle Orton trade value has dropped I’m sure maybe int 3rd or 4th round range, and Eric Studesville on scale of 10 is off the scale one down who’s next not Mike McCoy lack of leadership on this team mostly yes guys wonder why we lack leadership on the team. Absolutely embarrassing 60 minutes of football since the 60’s. I can’t believe Mr. Bowlen would make these decisions I’m thinking Joe Ellis is actually recommending these decisions to Pat and didn’t put much thought into the repercussions of firing Josh McDaniels to soon. There’s not one assistance coach on the staff capable of being a HC let alone Interim Coach. I wasn’t expecting much today but to be laugh on and humiliated by the Cardinals is not funny. Can’t believe coach Studesville left Orton in such a disastrous and embarrassing game the fact Coach left him out there said all I want to know about Studesville for HC – NOT!!! The Broncos sunk deeper than I thought possible I kinda blame Shanahan for not leaving any kind of infrastructure that he benefited from former coach Dan Reeves left as part of his legacy.


1. Game Over - finally

2. Eric Decker continues to show why they need to play him


1. Kyle Orton shameful performance 19 of 41 – 3 Int; 3.7 yard avg and 27 QB rating

2. T.O’s Broncos 6 - Cardinals 1


1. Keeping Tim Tebow on the side line

2. The final 13 to 43 score could have been worst disgraceful

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