My Epiphany; Tebow Must Start

I guess that in my quixotic ramblings through the past, I have indiscreetly become insane.


At a function prior to kickoff for the Broncos-Cards game, I told other Broncos fans among my family and friends that I thought Studesville could be a stud and that somehow, Orton could show his true worth, adhering to the McDaniels makes everyone uncomfortable notion.


Nevertheless, it only took a quarter and a half for me to realize, irrevocably that Orton is finished.


The man may put up gaudy stats but he is not a winner and is nowhere near what we need as we progress forward.


I, as recently as Sunday afternoon at 2:14 MST, said to my Uncle Kay, "I don't want Tebow to start until 2011." (of course, I'm quixotic, so I believe somehow there won't be a lockout, but I digress..)


Nevertheless, by 5:55 MST Sunday evening, my thought process underwent a complete paradigm shift toward Tebow.


Orton just looks horrendous in the fetal position, as McGeorge astutely calls it, and Mr. Bowlen, I've lauded you before but please do the right thing and let Tebow play.


The future must be expedited so we can hit the ground running for what I hope is football in 2011 with Tebow.


Of course, there are good pieces who performed magnificently for the most part yesterday at Glendale, Ariz., such as Eric Decker, Eddie Royal and Syd'Quan Thompson, sans a "fumble" which Decker didn't commit, a fumble which Royal DID commit and a personal foul that Squid must avoid in the future.


Additionally, Knowshon Moreno continued to impress, but one must wonder why the ball was taken out of his hands and placed in Orton's shaky counterparts.


Ultimately the sooner John Elway is given authority in the front office (he should be Mr. Bowlen's co-owner), the better and I wouldn't mind seeing both Joe Ellis and Orton cast out of the Front Range.


In closing, I'd like to thank you guys for indulging me through the past fiscal year (December 16 is my 1-year anniversary with this account) and being with me through the some good times, but mostly bad.


I hope no one calls me a traitor when I go to blogs, such as The Falcoholic, Acme Packing Company, Bleeding Green Nation and others I frequent often, showing admiration for teams that are playing better than we are.


My heart still belongs to the Broncos, I just want everyone to know that.


Feel free to commend or critique when you read this, it's your prerogative.


As always, GO BRONCOS!!!

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