The Bronco Way

In a season where we've seen a potent air attack turn into a mush, and mushy running game turn potent there is a lot left be desired as a bronco fan. This is my first fanpost, so hang in there and just let me rant at you for a little bit.

First, I want to rant about Studesville...Is it just me or does he have the EXACT same facial expressions as McD? He does the same 'mouth pucker thing', the same 'raised eyebrows thing' when asked a question. He tilts his head back and looks down at the press when their asking him questions. Is this something McD coached to his staff during the season?  And I know...I know, the guy is the interim coach with no coaching experience...but could the answers to his questions be anymore vague and coachspeak-ey? asking him something like "Coach, what do you think ONE thing we need to work on is?" His answer would be "we need to work on everything, as a team. Make it a team decision what we need to work on" His most recent press conference he basically just lists everything that they could have done to play better, and what exactly are those things? "Catch the football", "Run good routes", "Throw the ball better", "Make good blocks"....really??.......Anyway, I do think that Studesville is a positive influence on the team and I'd like to see him back as an assistant RB coach next before I lay on anymore into Studesville let me move onto the Bronco Way.

A few classic McD facial expressions:




Onto the meat of my rant...What is the bronco way? What did we have then that we don't have now? What did we have during those superbowl runs that we clearly do not have now?  To name a few: we had a team, we had a leader, we had the salute, we had an owner who backed his GM, who backed his coach, who backed his team. We had a team that showed up, played together and did their job. What we had was organization.  What we had was synergistic organization and "The Bronco Way". You know what I loved about the organization back then? It was that we had a team, that played like a team. 

What I saw on Sunday vs the cardinals was an unorganized group of a buncha guys running around w/ football helmets on. I didn't see a team that practiced all year, or even all week together. Everyone was doing things seemingly independently of what the rest of the team did. What McD once yelled (obscenity laced) was "I DON'T CARE ABOUT 'MY BAD' ANYMORE, DO YOUR EFFING JOB" And really that is what it boils down to, everyone on the team needs to just do their job. What's that mean? is that coach-speak I hear?

What it means is that the linebackers need to shoot the gaps they're supposed to. Not blindly chase the Hightower who goes left.....COMPLETELY loops to the right and outruns everyone.  If the linebackers did their job, shot the gaps, and contained the edge then all would have been well. It is a QB calming down and looking to his team for support...not just blindly throwing it into the ground cause he doesn't want to take a sack or throw an int. I don't mean to oversimplify, and the only football I've played is Inter-murals brother.....But, I can say that stopping big plays by simply doing our job is one of the things we did back then. I won't blame shanahan for the team he left us when he got fired, and I won't blame Mcdaniels for the team he leaves us now the he is fired, and I don't blame Studesville for the 'team' that didn't show up when he left. But we need direction, and we need to turn this ship around.

The day McD was fired, I actually thought "what would I do if I was Mr. Bowlen/Joe Ellis, etc. in order to win not only games, but the fanbase back" So without further ado, here is the list for bringing back The Bronco Way:

A) Start Tim Tebow, for better or for worse. I don't want to hear about "not ready" or "throwing motion". I think that dude is a leader and he would find a way not to self sack <cough...orton...cough> And win us a MFing game. I'd say, play Orton vs the raiders and after that game, announce that Tebow will start vs the Texans IN DENVER.

B) At the end of the season, hold a press conference to announce that John Elway is rejoining the Broncos. That's right Elway is back.....say it with me, Elway.....Yeah, say it softly like a gentle breeze blowing through the trees...Elwaaay.  The leader himself will be back, in what capacity? I have no idea. From a PR perspective however it is an excellent move. (looks like various reports are saying he's going to be in some football operations type of fashion)

C) Much like the Colorado Buffaloes are doing by bringing back Jon Embree, and EB to bring back "Buffalo Football", I'd do the same thing with the Broncos. Bring back guys a few coaches/FO that's familiar w/ who the Broncos are. Front office moves:

  1. Bring Jeremy Bates back, and let him be our OC. (I know he's seattle's OC right now, and yeah they kinda suck) but I really think he was an essential element in Cutler's development.
  2. Bring in Mike Nolan as HC, I know people may say "49rs sucked" but he is the professional you want as leader of your football team and now has a young hotshot coordinator to mentor. It'll be nice trading in the hoodie for a suit on the sidelines.
  3. Keep Wink as DC, he'll be our boss hog retaining his scheme and working again with Nolan to finish what they started.
  4. Promote Keith Burns to ST head coach. He has been around for SO long, I think it's time to give him a shot at being the ST coach
  5. Bring in Steve Atwater as an assistant secondary coach, as you may know he was interning w/ Shanny in washington this offseason. 20100811__20100812_c01_sp12fbnbronx_p1_medium


  6. Bring in TD to be an assistant RB coach, he was also interning for Shanny in the offseason.20100811__20100812_c01_sp12fbnbronx_p2_medium


  7. I know this is a longshot, but Mark Schlereth has said he would take a GM job w/ the Broncos (if they paid him) but I'd bring him in and move Xanders back to position he had when we had the Goodmans.

D) Bowlen supposed snubbed them when they asked before, but this year we need to get the Broncos on Hard Knocks. From a PR perspective, it would really excite fans to see Elway working his magic in Denver again. Not to mention the additional media coverage of Tebow to appease fanatic Tebow media appetites. Even someone like Knowshon would be awesome on TV. Imagine if the Broncos end up w/ the #1 pick, that would just add fuel to the media frenzy. Broncos Hard Knocks Logo

E) Draft Mark Herzlich. He fills a need at LB and he's a decent, if not good player. Imagine Herz, Mays, DJ, and Elvis...And again, a even more positive PR for the Broncos. He brings the intensity of Romo, w/ out the spit in people's face factor.




F) Gotta resign Champ. GOTTA, GOTTA, GOTTA. I know he's been somewhat vocal about his contract situation. But he can flat out PLAY.

G) I'd like to see orton traded, I would love to keep him as a backup..but not for 9M next year. His value? maybe a 3rd if we're lucky. More likely a 4th and 7th or something like that.

H) I don't think I want to see any massive FA pickups this offseason, that's what killed us with shanahan.

I) I won't speculate trades in a mock draft, but guys I feel like we have a shot at getting in no particular order:

DE: Marcell Dareus, ILB: Greg Jones, NT: Phil Taylor, RB: Roy Helu, SS: Mark Barron, OLB: Dontay Mochs, OLB: Mark Herzlich. (basically defense, early and often)

With these moves, I really feel like we'd be bringing back The Bronco Way. A hard nosed, tough football team with great leaders. So let's stop looking back at "players we COULD have" and "what we COULD have" it's time to look forward at what will be.


Ex_Broncos Intern for Shanny

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