The Denver Broncos are my religion.

Yesterday, sitting at a bar and watching the Chiefs vs. the Chargers, a Bolts fan sitting next to me asked "What religion are you?" (I believe he asked me out of fear as I had a three week beard sitting on my face, which until now I refused to shave while studying for finals). Regardless, I smiled at him, looked him in the eyes, and stated... "The Denver Broncos." More after the jump.

The fan seemed as if I had spoken another language. He replied, "Excuse me?" I once again looked at him with the same smile, and replied, "The Denver Broncos." He quickly pulled the trigger and said, "I'm sorry to hear that."

I'm not. The Denver Broncos have been my religion ever since I was brought onto this Earth. I have defended my team at all costs and I've even tried to convert new football fans to our team. My love for this team will never waiver regardless of the situation.

We have all witnessed our team sink this year. Yet, this has been a long time coming. Ever since #7 left, this ship has had holes, only to be temporarily patched up by Coach Shanahan and McDaniels rather than completely fixed.

With #7 coming back to part the waters, we must take advantage of the time and build us a new ship. It starts now.

Pat Bowlen did the right thing. Whether or not it was good timing is very debatable, but it was the right thing. McDaniels did not fit the Broncos philosophy or system. Yet, delving on the past got no one anywhere. Rather, we must find a solution.

I've read the plethora of posts by Broncos fanatics, just like me, claiming their case for their favorite coach or GM. I've respected all their comments and unique perspectives, yet I can not say I agree on everything.

With the holidays upon us, I want Santa to bring us the best gift. For GM, I want Eric Decosta from the Baltimore Ravens as many have suggested.However, for head coach, I will leave that to Elway to get it right. My prediction: Jim Harbaugh. But let's wait and see for I'm sure it will be worth the ride.

Nevertheless, I digress. I want you all to note that we are all witnessing the worst Broncos team possibly in the history of this franchise. We have been romped by the Raiders 59-14. We've been trashed by the Cardinals 43-13. Yet, a lot of our fans seem to forget and move on. But I want you ALL to remember these days. Remember, do not forget, and let us go out and build us a team, let us build a new Denver Broncos.

I want a team who is devoted to the franchise. I want players, that when they don that blue and orange, are proud to play for this organization and understand the history behind the name. And I'm sure now with #7 back on board, we will return to the promise land.

I'm not here to predict how long it will take. But I am here to tell you that we will be ok. WE, as Bronco nation, need to come together after two years of bitterness and a split fan base, and support the decisions that will be made in the coming months.

No matter who our GM and coach will be, we must support them and give them an equal dosage of love and criticism that they deserve. Embrace them as a part of the Broncos family, the best family in the world.

I am not a religious man in the true sense for personal opinions. However, I see all of you as my brothers and sisters fighting for the same cause, fighting for our team, fighting for our Bronco religion.

These are the times that test our souls. How do we pass the test you ask? First off, let us start Tim Tebow for the next three weeks and see the advancement or digression of his game. If he is not the answer, let us cut our losses now and draft Andrew Luck. Let us find out about our "QB of the future" now and decide if he will be our QB or Jacksonville's.

In my honest opinion, I grew up despising Tim Tebow as I am a diehard Georgia Bulldogs fan (my brother went there). However, when we drafted him, I couldn't help but smile as he was on MY team now. Let's see what he has to offer, and go from there.

If we can build from him, then we don't have to waist trading our picks and players for Luck. Rather, we could shore up our defense and build for the future.

But no matter. This is my Denver Broncos. This is our Denver Broncos. Let's fight for them.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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