Why I'm optimistic

We are 3-10...with a real shot at 3-13...and I'm optimistic.  We have suffered too many humiliations this year...and I'm optimistic.  We have arguably the worst defense in the league...and I'm optimistic.  We have Denver fans all over the world at their breaking point...and I'm optimistic.  We just fired our coach...and I'm optimistic.  Why?  Well I'll tell you...but first full disclosure. 

I was off the McD bandwagon from the time that he moved into the office and issued the order to take down the Super Bowl pictures.  And more so with every ensuing questionable call or draft pick.  And I was critical of McD, but willing to let him change my perception.  It never happened.  And my pessimism grew...more than I can ever remember.  And I've been a fan of the Broncos since 1978.  All the while...I tried to maintain some semblance of a thoughtful approach to my posts and comments on this site.  But I may have been taken as just another negative poster by many.  After the jump...I'll tell you why I have not felt so optimistic since I found out that Shanny had been fired.

McD has been fired.  Bowlen is going to restructure the Front Office. We will have a new GM.   Elway has been brought back into the fold.  It has been realized that Orton is not the future of this franchise. And we will/should hire a coach who can bring back the type of balanced offense that is successful in Denver and the NFL. is easy as that.  I honestly haven't felt this positive and optimistic about the Broncos and their chance to regain the form that we are used to.  And I have no illusions that it will happen overnight, but damn...I can't wait to meet our new HC.  And I can't wait until the draft so we can begin the road to recovery.  I'm stoked that Elway will have some say in the road to be taken by our Broncos and that we will once again be enjoying our players going about business the BRONCO WAY and not some bastardized version of the Patriots.  And I do BELIEVE that Tebow will be a the bus driver.  I BELIEVE that we will get back to a balanced offensive philosophy and I'm stoked! 

Here are some other things I would be happy to see (assuming a resolution between the owners and players):

1.  Sign and trade Bailey for pics or players.  An aging, expensive, superstar CB won't help us to the playoffs next year because we are so far away from that right now.  And, he deserves better...and there are a lot of teams that would jump at adding him to their roster to get them over the hump.  Preferably a team in the NFC. 

2.  Trade Orton for 3rd round pick.  It is apparent to all that Orton has hit his ceiling and will always be a middle of the road QB that can't carry a team.  But there are teams that are in horrible shape QB we could get some bites here. 

3.  Hire a HC that has a defense first and balanced offensive philosophy.  I would also consider Kubiak, Harbaugh, and Leslie Frazier.

4.  Hire a solid GM with strength of conviction and a backbone.  Someone that can stand up to both the new HC and Bowlen.  In addition to this GM, I would love to see Mark "Stink" Schlereth brought on in some personnel evaluator capacity.  There are many people here on MHR that don't like Stink because he hasn't blown smoke up the collective rear of the Denver fanbase.  But, as a fan, I can hear the passion he has in his voice when he talks about the Broncos.  And, the guy is very smart.  He studies every game.  He would be a great voice in those meetings. 

5.  Bring in some old blood to help indoctrinate these young players into what it means to be a Bronco.  I mean, we have one of the more storied franchises in the NFL and these kids DON'T know it.  I would love to have guys like Rod Smith, Bill Romonowski, Elway, and Stink share their words of wisdom with our kids on a regular basis. 

6.  Focus on our front 7 in the draft, followed by safety.  Maybe pick up a FB and CB late. 

7.  Use Free Agency to pick up a TE, RB, backup QB, and some depth at Safety. 

8.  Bring back the Orange jerseys as our regulars.


Man...I'm excited just thinking about it.

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