Eric DeCosta- The man behind the wish


Since the moment Josh McDaniels was fired and Joe Ellis claimed to be restructuring the front office many fans have been throwing out the name Eric DeCosta as a candidate for the general manager position or to be this team’s Director of Player Personnel. I have personally very much taken a liking to this idea as the Ravens have been one of the strongest and most stable franchises this past decade, and as the Broncos have seen time and time again, the Ravens have easily been among the nastiest. Plus bringing in a football guy who has been at the right hand of GM Ozzie Newsome and knows how to really work a draft/ draft board,  can only make this team better. 


Eric DeCosta was born on April 10, 1971 in Taunton, Massachusetts. After being a star football player for Taunton high, DeCosta went on to play and even become a team captain for Colby College. Despite playing football for Colby, DeCosta, was still able to graduate with a degree in English and Classical Civilizations all of this with honors.

                After a few years working as a grad fellow and coaching football for Trinity University, DeCosta finally broke into the NFL in 1995 with the Washington Redskins as a member of their player personall department. His time with the Redskins was short lived as the Ravens picked him up in 1996 to do the same duties. In 1998 Decosta was promoted at Midwest Area Scout where he spent time researching and analyzing draft day trades, evaluate for the pro personnel department, and was a key member of the college and pro scouting for the Ravens in the Midwest area. In 2003 DeCosta finally got his shot at being one of Ozzie Newsome’s main correspondents, as he was promoted to the Raven’s director of college scouting. In my opinion this is a main reason the Broncos should look at bringing in DeCosta because year in and year out the Ravens always seem to bring in top notch college talent and DeCosta is a big reason why. In 2009 DeCosta was promoted again to become the Ravens director of Player Personnel.

                Eric DeCosta is one of the hottest names in NFL circles to become a GM somewhere, and for good reason. He spent 15 years receiving the best training in scouting and player development from the Ravens organization. During just Decosta’s 5 years as the Raven’s director of scouting the Ravens drafted 5 pro bowlers, 2 rookie of the year award winners, 7 all-rookie team members, and was a strong influence in the drafts of all the Ravens players taken over the past decade and a half. Its safe to say where the Broncos have failed in scouting, drafting, and player development, Eric DeCosta has succeed.

                Is Eric DeCosta anything more than a fan’s pipedream wish…..who knows, but it is great to think of what the possibilities can be. DeCosta reportedly was a finalist for the Seahawks GM job last year, but removed his name from the list or almost certainly would have been taken, and I believe Ozzie Newsome may have been a big reason why. Newsome and the Ravens have probably promised DeCosta that he will have the GM position once Newsome finally wants to hang it up, but who knows how long that will be and if DeCosta wants to wait.

                The Broncos are an absolute wreck right now and while Im all for bringing in John Elway and keeping Xanders, they have NO ONE who has a track record of scouting and developing players. If Bowlen and Ellis think a front office combination of Elway and Xanders is enough I will be greatly disappointed. John Harbaugh is successful as a head coach in Baltimore because of the strong football people like Eric DeCosta and Ozzie Newsome behind him, and I believe the only way Jim Harbaugh, a coach whom I very much like, would be successful is if Denver brings in a strong football person to back him up. Personally Id like to see the Broncos front office shaped like this, probably unrealistic but still would make it solid:

- Eric Decosta:  General Manager/ Director of Player Personnel

- Brian Xanders: General Manager/ Salary Cap Manager

- John Elway: Vice President of Football Operations

- Joe Ellis: Marketing (where he is not making football decisions and we don’t have to hear his name anymore)


I don’t know enough about NFL front offices to know if this is realistic but it seems like a set up that would allow each of these people a chance to do what they do best and make the Broncos a winner again. Regardless if it’s DeCosta or someone else I just hope Bowlen has enough sense to bring in a strong football guy with a track record of scouting player development. That more than anything is what the Broncos need to turn around the organization we all know and love.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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