I was at the Cardinals game

Here are my perceptions of what took place from the point of view of a Broncos fan in the U. Phoenix Stadium. The biggest point I'd like to make is to correct the perception that it was the Cardinals fans that were chanting for Tebow.

Anywhere between a quarter and a third of the folks in the stadium were decked out in Broncos gear. There's a huge Bronco following in Arizona to begin with. And I had a feeling that I'd see a lot of people rooting for Denver when there were at least dozen people wearing fan gear on my plane flying out there the day before.

The people cheering for Tebow to play were Broncos fans. Like me, most were hopeful he'd come in and light a spark. I could see & hear the Tebow cheer spread from section to section. I looked around and can confirm it was folks in Bronco's gear calling out his name. I can't say how most of the AZ fans felt about Tebow, but the ones who sat close to me were pretty rude in their comments. They basically thought he was a sissy and that we were fools for drafting him.

I was sitting on the 40 yard line, 14 rows behind the Bronco's bench. So I had a pretty good view of who the team was reacting during the game. Orton threw down his helmet in disgust after his first int. (Sadly, even this was intercepted  -- sorry, I couldn't resist that). From that point on, he was isolated. He didn't stand with the offense and I couldn't see him talking to anyone other than his position coach as he sat and looked at defense photos.  His body language could not have been any more clear. He was alone and looked dazed.

I love what Kyle Orton has done for the Broncos this year. I've defended him mightily on this site. But it was clear to me that he did not demonstrate leadership, communication skills or body language to rally the team. Once things got rough, it appeared he pulled into his own world and the rest of the offense was left to a "here we go again" script during the rest of the game.

Everything else I saw was pretty much what could be seen during a normal boardcast, so I spear you those comments.

Here's hoping that we can break the cycle of dysfunction before it becomes a way of life at Dove Valley. We may yet find out that McD provide more glue than we previous thought as far as keeping things together with players during the game.

I'm hoping Tebow will play soon and he will provide a spark. I'm also hoping the team is ready to find a strong Front Office leader and stick to their plans long enough for them to develop. If not, we may be adrift for a long, long time.

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