The Time for the Mile High Messiah Has Come.

For the past two weeks or so, I've heard my fellow Mile High Maniacs bitterly debate about whether or not we should start Tim Tebow. I, as I am sure you, have listened to both sides. Many have made up their minds that starting Tebow at this point in the season is worthless. Others have fought for Tebow through thick and thin, screaming both here at MHR and at Broncos games for him to take the snaps as our new leader.

I am simply here to tell you: The Time for the Mile High Messiah Has Come.

The argument concerning whether or not Tebow should start is indeed a very dynamic one. While we all are members of Bronco Country, not many, if at all one of us, knows what the Denver Broncos management is thinking or planning. Are they not starting Tim Tebow for trade value? Are they continuing to start Orton in order to give Tebow more time to learn? None of us know for certain. However, I do believe that Pat Bowlen and John Elway have a design to restore our franchise back to greatness. Not only do I believe, I have to believe.

I have to believe that Pat and John architecturally laid out a plan before firing McDaniels. I have to believe that they have listened to us, their ardent supporters, and have realized that it is time for a big change. I have to believe that they already know and have contacted who they want to take the reigns as HC and other respective positions on the team.

And I have to believe that they will wake up before our rivalry against the Raiders on Sunday and understand: The Time for the Mile High Messiah Has Come.

To all my fellow Broncos fanatics who read this with the mindset that "Tim Tebow is not ready to start," please, open your minds for just a moment and hear me out.

We all can not deny the greatness of #7. We all can not deny the glory that is John Elway. We had the honor of having the greatest quarterback of all time (I know you have defended him as the greatest quarterback when arguing with friends who always choose Joe Montana) on our team.

What was it about him that made us fall in love? Was it is his stats? Was it his play action? Was it is charm?

It could have been. But most of all, it was his desire to win that made not only us, but the football world fall in love. My dad reminds me every day that he has still not found a single QB that has that "fire in his eyes" like Elway did. And I have to agree with him. Don't get me wrong, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady sure come close, but they don't match.

Ever since Elway left our organization, we have been searching for quarterbacks to patch up the hole he created. Coach Shanahan brought in Griese, Beuerlein, Plummer, and Cutler, yet none had that fire. Coach McDaniels brought in Orton, but I think we can all agree that he is not even close to the leadership and passion that #7 brought. All of these former and current Broncos quarterbacks that I have listed have all been respectable in their careers here in Denver, the most notable being Jake Plummer, who took us to the AFC Championship in his short tenure here. However, they are all missing one thing.

Many argue that our main issue as Denver Broncos fans is that we need to stop looking for the next Elway. I must completely agree with them, for there will never be another John Elway, at least not before I die. Yet we can look for something of John Elway's: his leadership, his passion, his desire to win.

But yet, we have already found one that carries those qualities. He stands on the sidelines during our games, acting like a true teammate, learning the game. He hears his name being chanted before the end of every game by the fans, screaming for his time. He is Tim Tebow.

Coming into the NFL, analysts left and right criticized Tim for his football mechanics and rightfully so. Yet no one, not even John Clayton, criticized his leadership.

I know we should not be looking for the next John Elway (as we will be looking for an eternity). But here before us, I believe we have found a leader similar to #7, and a player who can restore us to not only sanity, but greatness.

When I look at Tim, I can't help but see that "Elway flame" shine in his eyes. When I look at Tim, I can't help but hear Broncos Country's historic hatred of the Raiders reverberate in his recent claim to being fearless of the Black Hole. When I look at Tim, I can't help but to believe in him, not because I have to, but because I want to. 

Whether you can accept it or not, Kyle Orton is not the future of this franchise. He never has been. I commend him for his effort and the fantasy football wins he has brought me through his padded stats. But he was never the answer. He was another filler, another patch in the ship that began to sink with the departure of #7.

Let us embrace "The Mile High Messiah" and give him a chance to shine. Let us scream his name at the top of our lungs at these Broncos games until he is finally put under center. Let us believe in him like we believed in Elway.

A new era has dawned upon our franchise. A new time has come upon our beloved Denver Broncos. All I ask of you, is that we give this time to Tim and maybe, just maybe, he can take us back in time and bring home those glory days.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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