Will anybody have the stones?

The question is will any coach in Denver have the stones to pull the trigger and play Tim Tebow at quaterback for extended minutes this season? Why? Because someone wjth almost no experience will have to make that call. and it is a distinct possibility no on will.  To date the two most influential people to even hint at it are two of The Broncos captains.  After the jump I'll examine those with the power to push for Tebow time, and why the may very well not.


Let's start at the top with Pat Bowlen- He has always said, and been true to his word, that he would never tell a coach who to play. He is not a Jerry Jones, or Mark Cuban type.  He doesn't want to be in the spotlight ,and also wants the new head coach to know that he will be free to make his own coaching decisions. It is important for him to maintain that separation.  Not doing it is probably going to cause the Titians' owner a very solid coach in Fischer.  This has never been Bowlen's style and with his vastly reduced role don't expect it to happen now.

Next in line is obviously Joe Ellis- he despises the spotlight and only fronts for Bowlen to protect a great friend. besides he is not qualified to make this decision; he is a business and marketing expert and needs to confine himself to that arena.  If he did it it would be directly contradicting a recent promise he and Bowlen just made. They don't need the likes of Rick Riley jumping on that.

That leads us to Brian Xanders who is slightly on the hot seat., but will likely stay with the organization because of his ability to draft workable contracts and clean -up  all the dead money left by the Shannon regime. But he is also on the hot seat as Josh's partner in crime for things like the Quinn for Hillis trade. He would love to remain invisible.  I also don't think he currently has the power.

The man who should do is interim head coach Eric Studesville.  Why hs he never been a coordinator. because his strength is taking a small group and becoming a mentor and position advocate for them.  He as never done more than make a recommendation. His strength is player relations. He was chosen to mend a fractured locker room.  you don't do that by benching a starter.  He is like the old John Ralston Doll it doesn't do anything but is sure has a positive attitude, and he has Zero shot at this or any other head coaching  job; although he will get an interview to satisfy league minority hiring policies.

Mike MaCoy the offensive coordinator has two major reason not to make the switich; it is basically that he is under qualified.  In order to start Tebow he would have to install some sprint out routes and make several changes to the game plan.   MCDaniels was the coach who did all of that.  He lacks the experience to design and install a game plan that would allow Tebow to be successful  one that includes roll outs, sprint draws ect.


Next Ben McDaniels, he just as I wold be, is very very loyal to his brother.  Josh believs in slowing developing QB;s. It is the NE way Brady never played until Bledsoe got hurt, Casselsat for almosst 3 full seasons until Brady went down with out ever playing a single snap.  He too lacks the stones

My take is that Tebow will not get a start because  no one has the stones or athority do make it happen. Orton knows he is playing for his future in Denver if he can even raise his arm after being injected with good stuff he will say he is good to go.  Unfortunately, the messiah may not get to start this season unless Orton gets injured worse.


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